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Styling a Maxi Dress for summer

Image from this post (3 years ago.. wow how did that happen?!)   Maxi dresses are fantastic aren’t they. They are  one of those items of clothing that are just extremely versatile, so if you do not already own one,…


What I’ve Been Buying/Wearing Lately..

Well, thanks so much for your lovely response on my last post regarding blogging for fun and blogging when i want rather than a strict structure, its honestly so appreciated to know that no matter what happens, you will still…


#WhatMamaWoreMonday Linkup

Oh hello Spring!! Yesterday was the first real glimpse of Spring we’d had and wow was it glorious.  grabbed a blazer and bare the ankles as the sun shone and i didn’t freeze my arse off at all! In fact…


8 Style Tips on How to Wear Kimono Jackets

When you think of a kimono, you may think of the traditional Japanese garment. These full-length robes reach from the shoulders of the wearer down to their heels. If the occasion is formal, these robes can be fairly tight fitting.…