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How to Rock a Retro Style

Are you thinking about embracing a retro style in terms of how you approach fashion? It’s something that you should at least try out because there are so many options out there. It doesn’t even have to be an overtly…


Getting the Sleep I need with Utmost Me

PJ’s from Uk Lingerie  These are the Promise Trisme Back in August I was suffering terribly with the dreaded insomnia. I was constantly anxious, I felt overwhelmed and it was making me loose sleep consistently; night after night I would…


Donating My Hair To Charity

Well hello my lovelies, I just thought i’d pop in and say hi and show off my new hair doo! Yep i’ve cut off my long locks and gone for a fresh new style. Since starting work in September i…


Working on my Skirt Game

Well hello lovely friends, how have you been? Well I hope! I’m still hunkering down at my new job, trying to absorb all the information, new systems and job role, all whilst still trying to look nice every day 😉…


Escape Room Cardiff Experience

During the summer the family and I planned a lot of lovely days out to keep the kids occupied and perhaps a little fun for the adults too. Trying to entertain everyone can be difficult, especially as the kids ages…


Wonderful Dresses with Fashionworld

I often swing between thinking I am a complete dress girl at heart, to being a simple jeans and tee person. T This dress is certainly enough to make me think I am definitely the former however. This rather lovely…