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To Have and To Hold: The Perfect Ring

Many moons ago when my now husband took me to Cardiff we went and looked in a few jewellery shops together, me gently nodding and smiling in the direction of the ones i found the prettiest, him mentally making notes…


Semi Permanent Eyebrows

I have mentioned a few dozen (million) times here that i have been eyebrow challenged for as long as i can remember. Having over plucked my eyebrows to a thin dark line in the 90’s they just never grew back.…


#Passion4Fashion linkup

What a week! Kids are back in school and it has been go go go here. I always feel like summer should be relaxing but it felt full on and exhausting if i’m honest and left me feeling completely drained.…


10 Blogging tips for complete Newbies

I’ve been asked multiple times across social media for advice and tips on starting a blog and I always promise people i will write this post, but then something always comes up and it just hasn’t materialised. It could also…


My Favourite Everyday Makeup

I’ve been asked a lot on social media of late about what makeup i use and if i have any recommendations. It just so happens that i do. I’ve been using these same 10 items on constant. Sometimes i use…