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#NoSpendOctober Over Halfway

A couple of weeks a go I published a post Not keeping Up with the Instajones’: Stopping the constant buying and it seemed to resonate with, well, quite a lot of ladies. I was happy to find out i wasn’t alone…


Come Shop With Me: Skirts

With #NoSpendOctober in full swing (more on that in Wednesdays post) I have been wearing all things that i already own (obvs) and with no new items in the old wardrobe it has given me fresh eyes to see what…


Lets talk underwear: Feel good factor

Undies, knickers, panties.. Today I’m gunna have a bit of girl talk with you all (hope that’s ok) and talk about the item of clothing we wear every single day: Underwear. I’ve had a funny old relationship with underwear over…


Autumnal Dress Love

Oh how i love love love to wear dresses in Autumn, and a dress that is autumn personified is even more perfect in my eyes. So that’s what i’m wearing… Autumn in a dress! And i’m blogging about it over…