Hi there I’m Rachel, nice to meet you.

Welcome to Rachel The Hat, a blog by me *waves* about style, fashion and a bit of life thrown in for good measure.
Me in a nutshell? I’m a mother to one little boy (Neo), step mum to two (Mia & Talyn) and a wife to Salvatore, who is also the bloke behind my photos. He makes me look good… or tries his best at least.

As i venture into my thirties, i am constantly learning to embrace change and go with the flow.
This blog acts as a wonderful maker, of where i am and where i have been.

The question i get asked a lot: The name of the blog, where did it come from?
Well i love hats. I’m a hat kinda gal. But its more than that.
My maiden name was Bowler as in Bowler Hat.
When i first met my now husband he used to call me Rachel the Hat instead of Rachel Bowler, or sometimes it would be Rachel the Bowler hat.
So it kind of stuck from there.

Just a little bit about this blog:
It is a for profit blog, meaning i do make money from this and occasionally gifted pretty shoes and bags ..#luckylady
RTH is now my day job, which makes me so so happy.
I hope to continue bringing varied and fun content to you dear reader.
You my lovely readers are now my work colleagues, your comments and tweets and IG messages are the equivalent of a chat by the photocopier, so do keep chatting! I really love to hear from you.

If you have any questions please just give me a shout from the contact page and i will be happy to chat your little ears off!

Much Love

Rachel xx

RTH is a for profit blog as this is now my job. I thank you for making this possible and hope you enjoy the content here.
Sometimes I will work with companies to bring you fresh content.
Sometimes I am gifted products to wear, which are always handpicked by me and in keeping with the blog and my style.