A Girl Can Wish, List

There’s a few things in life i covet!
Things i have longed for most of my adult life and continue to hope for.. These are on my A Girl can Wish List… If i get the opportunity to require any of these believe me you’ll be the first to know.

A pair of Manolo Blahnik’s
Yes yes a big SATC fan of course, and since watching and being so inspired over the years i have always wanted a pair to complete my journey!

A Kate Spade Handbag
Not very well known, I guess, in the UK. But to me is the epitome of New York handbag style. Little beauties hanging off your arm. Well designed and structured, i can’t fit nappies, wet wipes, dummies etc etc but this bag is to me, a grown up elegant bag!

Diane Von Furstenburg Wrap Dress
I have wanted a DVF dress for about 6 years. But unfortunately my pocket money won’t stretch that far(boo hoo) Ebay does have some bargains so i am keeping my peepers well and truly peeled.
To me they are just so fabulous. DVF is the iconic 70’s designer, and being a huge 70’s era fan, this is a must have to me. To me they are just so fabulous.

A pair of Vintage Ditto Jeans
Again 70’s brand that I have coveted for some time. the ultimate small waist big flare. They are still available to purchase now, however a vintage pair for me would be perfection! Anyone see’s any, let me know, I’m there!!

Sweedish Hasbeens
Check out these bad boys!

Aren’t they just gorgeous!! Handmade shoes, again 70’s born (see a pattern developing here, yes i love yester-year )

That’s all for now folks!
I’m sure my list will grow(and grow and grow!!)
What do you crave, covet? Please share! Make me feel better!