Wedding Planning and knowing what we want

Planning a wedding is so exciting, but so much more to handle than anyone might have realised. You always think you’re going to know what you want, who you want there, and how you want the day to go down. If we’re honest with ourselves, planning a wedding begins long before we’re even proposed to. As a girl, most of us can’t wait to get married, and it’s something we dream of whilst being young. We might not follow through with all of the ideas, but we definitely give ourselves an idea of the type of wedding that we want. When we get into a relationship, we think more about it again, not just in terms of a wedding, but in terms of the future that we want to have with them. Its just natural that our minds wander this way… Some couples may even talk about marriage and the weddings they’d want together. So, we want to talk about some of the cute little preparations we make, before we’ve even had the question popped, and how they’re going to help you with planning the wedding! 

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Picking Out The Ring 

The ring is often something that you’ll go looking for long before you know the question is going to get asked. My friend recently knew exactly what ring she wanted before engagement was on the table. She knew what she wanted on her finger for the rest of her days:) Often couples go together to find the perfect wedding ring, which also helps the man get inspiration for the engagement ring. Plus, they need to know the style and size that you want to go for. Hatton Garden Jewellers is just one of the places you could go to pick out your dream ring. Did you know, the saying goes that the man should spend three months worth of their wages on the ring! This is of course personal preference and at the end of the day, the price is not as important as the sentiment itself. At some point you’re also going to need to pick out for your partners as well. They’re going to need a wedding band, and it would be nice if you could choose one together so that you both know you’re getting the exact style you want. 

The Style Of Wedding You Want

The style of wedding is going to determine the type of day that you’re going to have. You want to make sure that your wedding day suits you and your partner to a T. So the two styles that we like, are the traditional weddings that people all over the world have in a church, or a destination wedding. Both have their pros and cons. With a destination wedding you’ve got a smaller guest list, but with a wedding in a church the price is usually so high. It all depends whether you want a wedding on the beach or a wedding in the church! 

The All Important Honeymoon

Definitely one that the males would like to talk about more so. The honeymoon is the time you get to spend together as a newlywed couple. It’s full of romance and fun, and there’s plenty of destinations to choose from. From city breaks to the Maldives, people go for all sorts of destinations for their honeymoon. Often hotels have really good deals on the breaks as well! 

Tell me , Did you know what kind of wedding you wanted way before your wedding? Or did you just go with the flow and plan together?

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