How to Define Your Style

The start of a new year, changes in circumstances and what i wear regularly has made me feel a slight shift in my style again of late.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to overhaul your entire dress code, or you want to give trying new things a go, you need to know what your style is. Everyone deserves to feel confident and happy every single day, and that can be achieved when you feel good about what’s in your wardrobe. Whether you are dealing with body confidence issues, or you have lost/gained weight and your clothes no longer fit, working out what works for you is key.

Being able to open your wardrobe and know that the items inside it are absolutely right for you makes getting dressed easier. So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some tips that will ensure that you feel fantastic no matter what.

  • Starting with your body shape, you need to know how to dress it. They say it’s the most important thing that you need to know about dressing yourself. I know as a pair shape what works best for me. If you are dressing in ill-fitting clothing, you’re not going to feel good about it…trust me i’ve done it. Get your most honest friends/family around you and bring them shopping. Ask them for their honest opinions about your current clothes and what would suits you.(my husband is excellent at this, what can feel like the brutal truth is actually usually super helpful). Pay attention to friends (and even celebrities) that have the same body shape that you do, and notice what looks good on them, and apply that recipe to your own style. You don’t have to directly imitate, but taking inspiration is a great way to begin.

  • Once you work out what looks good on you, work out what your signature pieces would be. You could be choosing dresses over jeans to take you out of your comfort zone, but it’s this that can help you with your signature style. Look at the celebrities: they all have one! Anna Wintour is identifiable by her sunglasses, while Alexa Chung is known for her hat collection. Know what’s going to suit you best and roll with it. I love dresses.. dresses with patterns are my thing, a big chunk of my wardrobe is infact dresses that i can just throw on and go.

  • The next piece of the puzzle is about the colours. You need to figure out the colours that suit you best. Try colour variations like coral and blush pink dresses instead of what you’re used to wearing, and discover that it’s the perfect colour for you! Find the colours that suit your skin tone and you’re going to feel fantastic. Its like an instant glow boost when the colours just work.

  • It can really help you out if you only buy the things that you know you’re going to wear. If you’re trying to be dramatic with a dress slashed to the thighs that you know you’re not going to wear, then cost per wear is not going to work out for ya! Edit your current wardrobe and take out the things that you really won’t be wearing-put them in to storage or donate them, then when you shop buy things that you know will fit with other items you own and that make you want to wear them every day.

It’s very important to know what you don’t like as part of this style puzzle. If you know leather skirts are not for you, then simply don’t buy them- i’ve bought these items before after lusting at them on others , but they just don’t suit my lifestyle and therefore don’t get worn. Pay attention to the things that make you feel uncomfortable; it will be obvious to you what those are, so edit them out. There’s no need to keep items that make you unhappy! Only keep what you like, and your wardrobe will be a stand-out act!

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  1. shelbeeontheedge1
    January 5, 2020 / 8:11 pm

    I so love your style even as it evolves. I noticed that my style makes a major transformation about every 12 months or so. It is fun to see it happen even when I don’t always realize it is happening. Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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