3 Top Tips for a stress free move

On 7th November 2019 my husband and I completed on our new home. Something we have wanted for many, many years to finally happen actually came true(if you’ve followed here for a while you’ll know what a momentous moment this is for us after our lives fell apart financially nearly 7 years ago) ! We were (and still are) over the moon and proud and pleased all rolled in to one… But let me tell you, that whole moving process was stressful to say the least

I think its a given that moving homes can be very stressful, but often there are some very good reasons to switch up our lives and move to a new property which makes the stress so worth while. Whether you are staying in the same area or switching to a completely different town or city(I’ve done both), moving homes offers up a lot of logistical challenges. On top of the actual physical problems associated with the move, there is a vast amount of admin associated with getting yourself moved into your new home… By the end of it you feel like your head is spinning as there is so very much to think about.

But with the right approach, it’s possible to do this in a very stress-free manner. It takes lots of planning and getting a head-start on everything will benefit you in the long run.

Here are some tips for making the move into your new property as pain-free as possible. 

Know where your toiletries are! Label those boxes well so you can find vital things like shampoo and shower gel

Plan Ahead

Once you know that you are moving and where you will be moving, it will be possible to get the wheels in motion and start the process of planning the move. This means making a list of every company that you will need to get in touch with about your move. I had lists on lists for old house and new house and i honestly don’t think i would have managed without my notepad and lists!

In your current home, you will have many different companies that supply you with various products. These may include gas and electric suppliers, home insurance companies, your phone and broadband provider, and the water board. In addition to all of these companies, you will need to inform the bank and your credit card companies about the move, as well as your mobile phone provider, your car insurer, and any other company that you deal with that has your address. For more tips, visit https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/energy/energy-supply/moving-home-your-energy-supply/moving-home-dealing-with-your-energy-supply/

If you know your move date and future address, you can start the process of contacting them as early as possible to save yourself the workload around the time you actually move. 

Use A Professional Company

We were tempted to try and save some money by doing the move ourselves. Hiring a van and physically moving everything seemed like a great idea in theory. In practice though, this is a lot of hard work.

We actually started the first day or so doing it on our own, but soon released with achey backs and weary muscles we couldn’t take this on alone.

A professional mover will be able to handle your possessions in a way that keeps them safe and organized. They will probably be quicker than you will be as they will have lots of experience in moving people’s furniture every day.

Using the right company means that your possessions will be in the safest of hands.

For more information visit https://www.mybekins.com/locations/carmel-valley-ca-movers/.

Start Packing Early

Ahead of your move, you may want to downsize. This is an exellent time to start getting rid of stuff you don’t use, need. It feels so refreshing only taking with you what you need. That big sort out is satisfying to the soul as you know you’ll be starting a fresh in the new home with only the belongings that ‘Spark Joy’. For more wardrobe downsizing tips see here: https://www.rachelthehat.com/2017/12/5-ways-downsize-wardrobe.html) Basically the less you have to pack, the easier it will make the move. 

We sorted and did so many charity shop runs, we donated things to family and we got rid of things in the attic we forgot we even had. The feeling of being lighter to move was a relief!

Those are the basics but fundamentally will help any move become that bit easier.

Make lists, hire help and downsize/sort beforehand!

Do you have any plans to move this year, I’d love to hear your thought on new homes and moving!

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