Make the Post of Your Capsule Wardrobe with Accessories

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to create a streamlined style, and only keep clothes that you love that all work together. Adjusting to this more minimal style can be a learning curve. Some people think that a capsule wardrobe means you can only create very simple looks. However, with some clever accessorising, you can use your wardrobe to create some great outfits. Here’s how to accessorise for a capsule wardrobe. 

Choose Your Metals For Jewellery

Like your wardrobe, aim to choose items of jewellery that will all work well together, so you can mix and match everything to create different looks. Choose one or two metals and stick to those with the jewellery that you buy. If you already have important jewellery, like a wedding or engagement ring, or jewellery you inherited from a relative, choose these as your base metal. Start with your favourite metal, whether it’s gold, silver or platinum. 

Choose a few basic pieces as a starting point, like simple stud earrings, a couple of great necklaces, a more dramatic set of earrings for the evening and a classic watch. From here, you can add some more interesting pieces, like australian opal jewellery, some stackable bangles or some larger costume pieces. 

Find A Great Handbag

If you’ve streamlined your closet back to the essentials, you’ll need a great handbag or two to carry day to day. Think about what you carry on a daily basis and choose a bag from there. 
Do you commute with a laptop? Prioritise finding a bag with a safe compartment to transport your laptop in. A large tote bag works well for the work week, with plenty of room for all your supplies. For the weekend or evenings, buy a smaller cross body bag. 
Think about the colour you want. You could choose a neutral or classic black, or you could be more daring. Does your capsule wardrobe have a colour palette? Buy a bag in one of your accent colours, like a mustard or a navy, for something more interesting. 

I’ve been using the same black bag for about 6 years now. I call it my old reliable, as its still going strong, it goes with everything and I know I can fit everything I need in it!

Add A Couple Of Belts

As a basic, you’ll want two belts; one in black and one in brown. Invest in good quality leather, so they’ll last longer. A thin, black belt works well with all black outfits, while a chunkier brown belt looks great with jeans and t-shirts. Remember, for something more interesting, you can use a scarf as a belt. Scarves are great accessories as part of a capsule wardrobe anyway, but you can thread them through your belt loops for a pretty belt alternative. 

When choosing accessories for a capsule wardrobe, there are two options you could go for. You can select pieces that will blend in seamlessly with your closet, or you can choose more fun accessories that will add colour and personality to simple outfits. Of course, for most capsule wardrobes, the best option is probably a mixture of both, so you can create classic outfits or something less minimal.

Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe?

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