#Ad Getting a Better Night Sleep with The Restored

As you all know, sleep has been a struggle for me for some years now and a battle that sometimes I’ve won and a lot of the time i’ve lost. But thanks to some divine inspiration, i was approached by The Restored a couple of months ago to see if they could help my sleep situation.

You can see my first post of my introduction to The Restored and their excellent quiz here

The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid

Essential nutrients for better quality sleep

“Sleep is essential for a healthy, happy life, but stress of modern living means many of us are not only highly deficient in vital nutrients needed to sleep but also unable to switch-off at bedtime, causing serious sleep health issues. To sleep well, what’s needed is a formula that restores lost nutrients for deeper, better quality sleep combined with practical advice for a healthy sleep mindset and routine. The Restored Sleep Aid and sleep guidance can help you sleep better for good. Made in the UK.”

So here’s the million dollar question that all sleep deprived people are asking:


I can say a huge resounding YES! Above is a screenshot from my smart phone that tracks my sleep. I’m a bit obsessed with this app and seeing how my sleep is doing.

What the screenshot above shows is how in September i actually achieved my soundest sleep yet! I started taking The restored at the beginning of September, and by 19th my sleep was sounder, deeper and higher quality than it was before. The sleep app can’t lie! Plus I could feel it! I was less lethargic in the day, I felt more switched on and like finally i wasn’t tired all the time!

And i’m not the only one! Statistics show that The Restored helps with it working in over 98% of people who used the sleep aid.

What i would say is that you have to make sure you start with 1 tablet a night, then build up to two and make sure you religiously take the tablets each night. A couple of weeks ago i forgot to take them and could feel my good nights sleep literally drifting away, with night wake ups reoccurring. Lesson learned! I soon got back on to my nightly routine and sound sleep returned.

So i, like me, you struggle with sleep, be sure to check out The Restored.. I have recommended them to a fellow sleep deprived friend who has just started them too.


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