Work from Home, Don’t Procrastinate

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Waving goodbye to your full time job with an overbearing boss and unmanageable targets can seem like a dream. If you have taken the plunge and turned this into a reality, you will be the envy of many. Going freelance and working from home can be liberating. However, it can also be terrifying. You are responsible for your earnings and you need to ensure that you make enough money to make a success of your solo venture. Working from home is a joy, but the allure of procrastination is always present. Take a look at these simple strategies you can employ to ensure that you don’t slip into the realm of procrastination.

Get Up And Go

While many people will joke about the possibility of waking up late and having pyjama days when working from home, this is not the way to be productive. You must treat working from home as just another day in the office. Get up with your alarm, have a shower, get dressed and eat a decent breakfast. Sure, you can sip your favourite coffee and watch a bit more TV than usual, but you should be knuckling down to work by 9 am. If you allow your routine to slip, you might be scrolling mindlessly through Facebook before you know it.

Create An Office Within Your Home

Don’t fall into the trap of doing your work with your feet up on the sofa. You’ll end up switching on the TV, watching just one more episode of the latest boxset you’re addicted to or you’ll zone out and become tired. Instead, set up your own office space, entirely separate from your family and other half. This can help you to create a better work life balance. Get some decent hardware, stretching as far as your budget will allow. Macs are great for creatives and bloggers. Ensure that you update Mac OS to have the latest version, ensure your WiFi is up to scratch, and have ergonomically well designed furniture so that your office is conducive to productivity.

Take A Break

There is always the pressure to work all hours under the sun when we go freelance. If you have a lunch hour when working full time, ensure you take one when you work from home. Burnout is no good for anyone and can leave you at risk of business failure. Take regular breaks, go for a walk, head outdoors or enjoy cooking a lovely lunch. These are some of the perks of working from home. Having more freedom should be to your benefit, rather than allowing the risk of procrastination to set in. Call a friend, go for a coffee or relax in the park for a little while. Just ensure that your to do list for that day gets completed.

Being a new freelancer is exciting, but scary. Ensure that you employ these strategies to make sure that you are genuinely working from home, rather than procrastinating from home.

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