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Something strange has happened over the past year. With working full time in an office and dressing accordingly Monday to Friday, I now feel clueless when it comes to weekend dressing. Casual but, y’know, nice, seems to be leaving me feeling a bit clueless. I can do office smart (in my own way of course.. to be fair my office is pretty easy going so i wear a lot of dresses which i love) but when it comes to Saturdays and Sundays i seem to stand in front of my wardrobe and not have the foggiest as to what to wear.

Now, some pieces I own admittedly can be worn for work or weekend, but quite often i like to distinguish between the two and wear things on weekends that i know aren’t really office attire, just to break things up a bit. So denim is something i don’t wear to work (except on some casual Fridays), and as i’m massively in to skirts and dresses right now, it seemed the perfect weekend option would be a denim skirt! I know .. groundbreaking stuff, haha! But honestly, i’m so happy with it, i feel lovely and casual and comfy. Its the perfect length on me (Im 5ft 6 for reference) and i don’t feel exposed or like i can’t bend over, which is such a massive plus point for me!

Outfit Details

Denim Skirt Stripe jumper Leopard booties Backpack

I also wanted to add in some fun! Bright bold stripey knits and clashing print with the leopard boots felt like the right way to do it. Finally my trusty weekend backpack that i’ve worn all summer and is super useful for family days out.

Having two seperate wardrobes can be tricky, but i like diffrentiating between my weekday and week end clothes. There are some items that most definetly work for both, but having separates is a lot of fun! It goes to show you don’t have to spend a ton either!

With “Second hand September” over it doesn’t mean you can’t still shop for prevloved bargains. This weekend I’ve been looking for a leopard print midi dress for my weekend wardrobe. The online marketplace Micolet offers clothes and accessories from the world´s leading brands with discounts of up to 80%. This second-hand clothing site provides the opportunity to fill your wardrobe with top brands such as Zara, Louis Vitton, Mango, Bershka, Nike and many more. You will be able to show off the most fashionable looks at a price that cannot be beaten even in an outlet shops, all the while doing your bit to help the environment by recycling clothes!  Micolet adds over 1,000 garments and accessories daily so there is plenty to choose from.

Shopping reasonably and having fun!

So even though the weathers been rubbish, i felt bright as a button in this fun casual outfit. It felt nice to be out of work and feel like me again, like the old me that used to loved getting dressed up in fun outfits on weekends for family days out.. i’ve missed fun Rachel 🙂

Do you have fun with weekend dressing?


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