An Occasion Dress You Can Actually Wear Again (And that doesn’t cost a fortune!)

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I know longest title ever award goes to me, but i really wanted to get this across in the very first breathe. You see, I have been to my fair share of weddings over the years, with each and every time i go out and buy myself a fairly expensive dress that i proceed to wear on the day, and then it never see’s the light of day again. Not once. But, if there’s one thing i bang on about ALL THE TIME, is getting wear out of the clothes you buy. I love feeling like i’ve spent my hard earned cash well and that the items are well loved and well used. I have dresses that owe me nothing, on the scale of cost per wear we would be in the pennies i’m sure. But why is it that Weddings/occasions all make me feel like i need to go spend lots of money on a dress to look good, but also on something that is totally unsuitable for any other occasion?! That’s a rhetorical question, because i am here to say- It can be done, You can have fine wares and not spend a fortune AND it can be worn again!

Isn’t this dress just so very, very pretty! And it’s not just a pretty dress, no no, it’s also versatile.

Picture this, I’m off to a summery wedding, in this pretty dress, which FYI is currently just £9.99. Yes you’ve read that correctly, infact, go see for yourself here, this floaty, feminine number is a bargain. But more than that, as mentioned it is versatile.

For a summery wedding you can really dress it up.

I’ve gone for pointed nude sling back shoes, which are smart and perfect for a wedding, a cream pashmina to elegantly drape (because what other use do they actually even have?) and a gold clutch. It would also work well with a little cream or pink fascinator if you’re that way inclined, or some very “In” pearly hair clips. I didn’t have any so went for a statement earring which gave a nice subtle accessorised look.

We’ve established that this pretty little number is

A. A total Bargain


B. Super pretty and perfect for a Summer wedding

But not only is it wedding ready (and did i mention a bargain;) But you will definitely be able to wear this again.

Change up the accessories for a more casual look..

By simply switching out the accessories you are able to create an outfit that can be worn for afternoon tea, dinner with the girls, a garden party (does anyone actually go to garden parties, if you do, you could totally wear this), heck, you could even wear it to the supermarket if you felt like it. The point is, by dressing it down you’re making this item work hard for you, and won’t have a dress sadly hanging in your wardrobe, never to see the light of day again.

I dressed mine down with some tan sandals and a little tan belt, also adding the perfect summer companion- the denim jacket- and of course a little wicker bag, thus making the perfect little everyday outfit. This would also work well with some nice espadrilles (I have tan and gold ones that would both work!), or if you’re much trendier than I, some white trainers for a sports luxe look. You could also add in a cream maxi cardigan or even go biker jacket and black boots if you were so inclined. Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few great ways to dress this rather wonderful little dress.

And, not only is it easily styled multiple ways, you can also wear the sleeves in two ways as demonstrated below. Basically i didn’t put my arms through the arm holes (this was discovered completely by fluke last year with a similar top, which i later on that day realised i’d been wearing completely wrong, but loved it that way anyway, and yes apparently i struggle dressing myself), which just adds another layer of ruffles continuing under your arms around the dress.. It works perfectly! I love that this changes the look slightly and makes it even more fun to dress up for different occasions. Its also worth mentioning that the little spaghetti straps are completely adjustable, which is incredibly handy, because there’s nothing worse than a droopy strap.

So you see, it can be done.. dresses aren’t just for occasions, there are some fab options that will give you way more value for money and with that, satisfaction in shopping too! I think this light little dress would be perfect on holidays too with some simple gold sandals and a sangria in hand!

(Its also selling fast so i’d pick one up asap if you were interested)

Would you be tempted to buy occasion wear that you could wear again?

This is a collaborative post as part of my Ambassadorship with Studio, all items are chosen and styled by me 🙂



  1. July 26, 2019 / 8:51 pm

    You look lovely I this dress! I think it is the perfect floral dress for special occasions and wardrobe staples.

  2. July 31, 2019 / 9:25 am

    I love these types of posts and would love to see more about how to change up different pieces of clothing. I bought a strapless black dress recently and when I want to dress it down, I simply pop it on over a tight white T-shirt – instant casual x

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