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I’ll be honest with you, this year I didn’t think I would be donning ANY sort of swimwear. I was approached (very kindly) by a few swimwear companies to collaborate, companies i’ve worked with previously, to which I politely refused. You see, I haven’t been in the best place with my body. A full time desk job has led me to barely any exercise, convenience meals and a lack of sleep. All in all leaving me feel more than a bit yucky- that’s a professional term there 😉 , but you know what i mean by yucky, right?! Definitely NOT my best self, which the internet keeps telling me i should be..

Body positivity is a constant changing disposition for me. One day, actually moment (it can change from one hour to the next!), I’m up, the next minute i’m feeling all the gross down vibes and generally not loving myself. I should mention, and i want to stipulate this strongly, what is right for me is not right for everyone else.. Size and health is as individual as a fingerprint, and as a formally athletic person, i know i’m out of my body’s comfort zone, and yet maybe this is the new me now (See, swinging back and fourth quicker than a pendulum!). I think that’s my problem, and perhaps writing this has given me that lightbulb moment, I’m basing my body on me 3 years, 5 years and 10 years ago.. I’m not giving my body the support for just being what it is at this moment in time.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, and the dreaded word any woman who is unhappy with her body fears- SWIMWEAR.

Yup, i’d written off the likelihood of donning any swimwear this year, deeming myself too un-tonned, too untanned, too flabby, not my ideal weight to even contemplate a one piece, I had honestly resigned myself to attending the beach in shorts and a tshirt, but wasn’t planning any pool or water type activity that would rely solely on any kind of swimwear. Nope, no siry bob.. wasn’t going to happen.

The most flattering swimsuit i’ve ever owned is thanks to Studio
Shop it here
Rainbow towel is an absolute BARGAIN £6.99 and such amazing quality!

But as you can see, thanks to photographic evidence, i did indeed don a swimsuit, and what a mighty fine swimsuit it was too, In-fact i’d go as far to say i’d actually do it again. Yup, that’s right, the girl who had sworn off swimwear will go to the pool (or in this case- hot tub! woop!!) this summer!! My body isn’t anywhere near what i want it to look like (and i’m actually measuring it to my own body standards, not the instagram fitness junkie standards there too!) But i’m slowly, slowly trying to reprogram myself that it’s ok. I’m ok just as i am.

Also, a damn good swimsuit definitely helped!

Sometimes, i get so caught up in how i want things to be (not just my body here either, i’m talking renovations in my house, impatient with my garden, I want everything just perfect and i want it done yesterday too please) that i forget to just be happy in the moment, so busy am i looking ahead that today just passes me by. But by being like that i’m missing some good stuff!

No my body is not perfect, but i’m 34, i’ve had a child (‘dem hips don’t lie) and live a busy life. I eat good foods, and drink wine.. I’m happy when i’m not thinking about how much i dislike my body. So why not just accept things just as they are, right in the here and now?! One day i will be old and wrinkly, lord knows at 18 i had a banging body (truly i did, lol!) and yet i hated myself.. i hated my small boobs and athletic figure, i hated that i felt boyish compared to my girly curvy friends, and yet looking back from the ripe old age of 34 i see how stupid i was.

So perhaps i should give myself a gift. The gift of hindsight.

To know that in 15, 20 years from now i will look back on my body, these pictures probably, and wonder what the hell i was moaning at.

To live in the moment, to laugh so much my wobbly tummy wobbles uncontrollably.

To be happy with who i am.

Anytime i feel down on myself, i’m going to have to come back and read this, i know it’s not an instant cure, its a work in progress, every day. But my gift of hindsight is rare and should be cherished and listened to. I just need to make sure I pay attention!

This is the shot i almost didn’t post.. the thigh shot.. BUT, like the Greatest Showman soundtrack taught me “This is Me”.. and those thighs are mine, and i’m learning to be ok with that.

And of course, I can’t not mention the swimsuit now can i?! This swimsuit gave me the push in the right direction. The frilled bardot style, accentuating my slimmer collarbone helped me feel i was drawing attention to my better parts. The sizing was spot on and didn’t cut across the bum cheek (sorry if that’s tmi, but its an important part of swimwear- not having 4 bums!) and the leg was flatteringly high, lengthening the legs without being too high for me. The floral design is fun, feminine and i’ll be honest, made me feel a bit fabulous.

The Studio range of swimwear is pretty fantastic actually, offering amazing quality and sizes 8-28 there is something for everyone. My fellow Studio Ambassador Hayley wore the frill Swimsuit from this range and looks utterly divine in it too! Hayley is a huge advocate for body positivity and self love and is an all round gorgeous girl (i can say that because i’ve met her and its very much true!).

This swimsuit is part of the Tropical Bloom range which they have a bikini, tankini or swimsuit options… and d’you know what else? Its a bargain £9.99!!

So there we have it, body rambles and fabulous swimsuits.. you come here for random don’t you? I do hope so as that’s what i can deliver 🙂

Will you be embracing your body this year, just as you are, and wearing a swimsuit/bikini??

*This is part of my paid partnership as a Studio Ambassador, the swimsuit and rainbow towel were chosen by me and gifted as part of my monthly work with them, all content is of course my own, in fact they’re not aware i’m doing this post…. ever the professional, ha! Yeh ok , best be off, need to go tell some profesh people that i’ve done them a solid blog post about my thighs, LOL!



    • rachel
      July 9, 2019 / 8:10 am

      I was blown away by the price and quality! They’ve really done swimwear so well.. do you have any coming for yourself this summer?xx

  1. July 9, 2019 / 10:12 am

    I don’t know what you’re worrying about. You look bloody amazing! Love the swimsuit xx

    • rachel
      July 9, 2019 / 11:26 am

      Laurie that’s SO kind, thank you lovely lady, but I think it’s about not being happy in my body right now.. changes etc.. hard to handle. But I’m working on it. Plus, remember I totally picked the best pics and lighting here hahaha xxx

  2. July 15, 2019 / 9:01 am

    You look great and the swimsuit is very cute, love the tropical prints.

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