A Search For Sleep: Starting with The Restored

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If something isn’t right in my life I am quick to look at ways of fixing it, I would definitely say it’s one of my more finer traits (as opposed to fickle and the concentration span of a gnat, which i also possess both traits in bucket loads), when there is something amiss in my life I will be the first to try and rectify this. Last year i was unhappy working from home so i sought out employment and rectified the problem; Happier Rachel = problem solved. So as my sleep pattern has gone awry, to the point of feeling queezy each day with sheer exhaustion, i knew i had to seek help, i knew i couldn’t mentally or physically keep on, and that’s when The Restored came in to my life.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you will know that there is one thing i moan about a lot… SLEEP. or rather the lack of it. I have struggled with sleep on and off for years, some months are good, others are baaddd. For me the good is getting to sleep and staying that way, the bad is barely having a wink of sleep all night. Even in my good sleep periods I barely ever have a truly deep refreshing sleep, you know the ones where you wake up feeling well slept and re-set? No? Me neither.. In-fact I don’t even recall the last time I felt that. From looking at my super smart Samsung watch it tells me each night i have less than 2% deep sleep, which is well below average, and the majority of my sleep being made up from ‘light sleep’ broken up with lots of waking up… Delightful 🙁

It’s no wonder i feel so exhausted each day. My body isn’t getting the sleep time to recover. If you were to ask me at any given point of any given day how i was feeling I’m sure, 99% of the time, my answer would be tired(the other 1% is probably hungry). The problem with when you’re so very tired, you don’t know what to do for the best, brain fog descends and leaves you confused and frustrated, my moods end up swinging all over the place, often ending with tears, I also end up eating more just for the calories and energy boost. To say my body is out of sync with my mind would be an understatement. It gets me to the point where i don’t even know where to start to feel better. Thankfully The Restored can help.

I took the Health Quiz straight away, I love a quiz don’t you? It feels like that confirmation when you know something is not right but you need someone to tell you, “You need to do something, and here’s what you’re going to do”, Which when you’re so tired you can barely think straight, is an actual blessing. And needless to say, my result was “SLEEP”, but it’s not just a case of the obvious, The Restored helps to rectify your foundations.

You see, The Restored breaks it down in to Four Foundations of Health:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you don’t even know where to start, or that you don’t even have the energy to begin, this is the perfect place for you. The Restored feels that by focusing on the 20% of effort, it will govern 80% of your results, which in effect is implementing and establishing healthy lifestyle habits, that if you’re like me, are very much needed. And lets face it, 20% isn’t even a lot. I probably moan at least 20% of the day, so changing that to effort should be achievable, which is so important. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re failing.

So what now?

Well, I’ve started the restored Sleep Course , which is an actual online course to help attain a better nights sleep. The course is broken down really simply and helps explain everything from the science side of sleep to anxiety handling, sleep supplements and keeping a diary. I’m just starting the course and i’m already excited as to how this will help my poor sleep deprived mind and body!

I’ll keep you posted on how i go, and check back in with you in August!

In the mean time, be sure to check out the quiz yourself and let me know what foundation you’re working on first!

From my results, I know realise that by my lack of sleep it is effecting all other parts of my life, i eat more and generally binge on carbs and sugar, juts for the instant energy boost, but with this has come weight gain. My anxiety also flares up when i’m tired as i feel ill equipped to handle life’s obstacles, even the simplest of things makes me snappy and agitated. By first tackling my sleep issues, once and for all, I’m hoping to then be able to go on and tackle the other issues one at a time, ticking each off as i go, and then hopefully feeling like a brand new version of me, a happier, healthier version.

When split down simply like this, by tackling it with 20% effort, I feel i can actually make headway that will give me 80% of my results

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