Why Vintage Weddings are So Popular


#Ad Collaborative post, but read the bottom to find out about these GORGEOUS wedding pics i’ve included in this post.

Wedding season is in full swing and if you’re one to follow the wedding trends recently, you will have noticed a sudden spike in vintage style weddings. With soft lace, natural decorations and a more gentle, family vibe, vintage weddings make for gorgeous photos (perfect for those’Gram pics!) and can actually be relatively cheap to host. 


Perhaps it’s because weddings have gone on such a high-fashion, high-cost route in the last decade, it’s nice to see that there are lots of couples going back to the basics. Did you know, statistics show that couples who have expensive weddings are more likely to get divorced. What i love about the vintage revival is it’s all about celebrating love in a beautiful and life-affirming way, rather than debt inducing day.

I had a very small and intimate wedding, which I truly loved. I’ve attended both large and small affairs and have enjoyed both, but you have to go with what works for you. 

So what are the essential elements of a vintage wedding? 


The Music

It might come as a surprise but the music you choose for any event has a big impact on the overall effect you are going for. Music evokes particular feelings in people so if you were to have delicate lace everywhere and petals for confetti, heavy metal music would completely ruin the effect! On the other hand, a vintage style band would fit in perfectly. 


Live music is always a great addition to the wedding as the band can help to direct the day. Lots of bands are also willing to take particular requests as long as you give them enough notice. This website is a great place to look for the perfect band. 


The Decorations

Wedding decorations will also help set the tone of your wedding and vintage decorations are often quite easy and cheap to make yourself. You could even get your hens and stags to help make some of your things like candles, wrapped jam jars and labels. 

The best thing about vintage is that charity shops are the best hunting ground. This means that you are contributing to a good cause through your wedding preparations, you are reducing waste and you won’t end up spending a small fortune on things you don’t really need. And, even better, once you are done with your decorations, you can take them back to a charity shop to sell again. Who’d have thought the wedding industry could contribute to the circular economy so neatly!  

Of course, the clothes are an essential part of the day and if you already rock a retro look, you will probably know what to look for and where to find it. Vintage wedding dress styles are very much back in fashion too, though, so your local wedding shop will probably be able to make something new for you. 

The Clothes

Vintage and preloved wedding dresses are a fabulous choice for brides to cut a few pounds off the budget. They’re usually a lot cheaper than the main bridal shops but carry so much character and will be different to any other wedding dress that’s being sold right now. The vintage charm adds such a wonderful feel to the weddings.

And of course if you’re a guest to a wedding this year you could join in with the couples theme and wear vintage also. Just be aware that it’s not fancy dress (lol) and just go with a nod to vintage; a 1940’s clutch bag or a slick of glamours 1950’s lipstick and waved hair.

Collaborative post, but a big thank you to my eldest Stepdaughter who’s photos these are. Paige had the dreamiest of vintage weddings that suited both her and her husband Bill perfectly. It was one of my favourite weddings i’d ever attended, everything was elegant, simple and cost effective.


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