Stepping Out of the Ol’Comfort Zone

#Ad.. Outfit #Gift from Studio as part of my Ambassadorship with the brand

As much as I try to remain open minded in my clothing choices, I always always find myself coming back to the same old styles, colours and cuts, which I am totally ok with.

But now and again, something happens that makes you step out side of your old familiar dressing habbits and pushes you in to trying something new.. and i mean pushes in the nicest sense of the word.

When i attended the Studio Style Ambassador immersion day there was a running joke about my disdain for neon’s… i’ve never been a fan, it just comes with connotations of 80’s perms and leg warmers for me. BUT i admit that some people can really rock the pops of neon look; it is definitely a key theme for fashionistas this spring/summer, and one i assumed i would be avoiding.

But when when we would stood amidst racks of clothing and this pretty print caught my eye, the fellow Studio Ambassadors and Studio staff convinced me i should just give it a go- And i’m really glad peer pressure paid off!

I popped the dress in my bag pondering on whether i would actually wear it, whether i could actually style it, and whether i could actually like maybe a teensy bit of neon after all ( the pinky patches of this dress are a neon hue in case it doesn’t show up on the photos here).

So last week i gave it a go! I donned the dress! I added the black simple sandals and a black vest to ground it somewhat and make it a tad more wearable for me, and my staple basket bag for summer vibes..

The romantic frill of the wrap dress made it feel super girly and lovely on, fitting super well and flattering thanks to its cut i felt pretty and smart AND i’d worn a touch of neon!- So you can teach a dog new tricks apparently 😉

It doesn’t really matter what your style is, it doesn’t matter if you think you love or hate something, but i have to admit that each time i’ve dabbled with something new I’ve really enjoyed it.. Exhibit A here is a prime example of going so far out of my comfort zone but yet feeling happy to have tried a new to me style. What helps here is that i loved the cut and style of the dress, the neon wasn’t even an issue once it was on. If, like me, you’re not a big fan of the neons, trying them in smaller form may be the answer, and buying them in a cut of top or dress that you love will certainly help.

This dress is a staggeringly priced at just £13.00; Studio enables you to try something new without breaking the bank, which in my eyes is super important.

Bag (Also a bargain £14.99!)
Both c/o Studio as part of my Ambassadorship with the brand

Are you a neon fan? And if not, is it something you would ever consider trying?


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