#Ad An Outfit for a Family Day Out

Over the years i have always found the hardest days to dress for are the family days out. Weekends where we pack the kids up in the car and head off for the whole day at a park/beach/zoo.. you get the point. The outfit will need to be comfy for such things as playing footie, walking miles and sitting for picnics on the ground. My default for this was always jeans, comfy trainers and a stripe top (standard), but at the same time, I knew I wanted to make more of an effort to feel nice and that i had a sense of style regardless of where i was going (and lets not forget those #ootd pics for the’gram;)!) So with that in mind I got to thinking of the qualities an outfit needed to have if it was going to endure a day out with me and my family.

And this is indeed what I’ve come up with, yep… this works tremendously well and this is why..

I put a lot of thought in to avoiding jeans and knew i wanted something that would be easy to move about in but wouldn’t be in danger of flashing anyone should a swift gust of wind arise (Hello Welsh weather!) or from dashing around playing footie with the kids (have i mentioned i’m a tad competitive?! Once I *accidentally* kicked the ball so hard it bent Neo’s fingers back and he cried for an hour! #badmum. Needless to say he’s not a fan of being goaly when i’m around!!), either way its fair to say nobody wants to see my undies. Maxi dresses can be fun but also a little restrictive on the legs when lunging for that ball or frisbee, or can be troublesome when you tread on the front of the dress when you’re climbing the steps of a splendid castle and you end up tripping yourself up.

Now jumpsuits.. that makes sense! A jumpsuit you can move freely and easily, you can dress it up or down and it’s a step away from your jeans for the day. I have to say I’m super impressed with this Studio Polkadot jumpsuit (just £14.99!!), it’s light and airy, not clingy and hangs perfectly, and it’s great for walking and running about in. The wide leg and cold shoulder really make this jumpsuit. Its style and fit a delight to wear.

Style note: I added a little black cami underneath mine as no one knows fear like a parent sharing a cubicle with their child who has a tendency to open the door whilst you’re still sat on the throne -cue panic- ESPECIALLY when in a jumpsuit and you feel you’re sat there basically in the nuddy. I wore a little cami under mine to avoid feeling totally naked on the loo.. also just FYI this particular jumpsuit is very easy to get on and off due to its super elasticated waistband.. Praise to the elasticated waistbands!!

Here’s 3 great Jumpsuits that I just love!

And when you’re day out is over you could easily dress this up with some wedges,switch out the tie belt for a coloured belt, a bright red lip and statement earrings and you’d be set to dance the night away in it!

As i won’t be dancing my nights away any time soon and will be mostly running around in broad daylight i chose to pair mine with some more practical items.

Some funky/pretty trainers ; Because if i have to encase my feet in something practical i’m at least going to make it pretty 😉 These metallic chuck style trainers are FUN.. which make my feet very happy.. Plus COMFY!

I also added a backpack because being hands free is verrrry important on days out.. I may need my hands for ice-cream eating, dog lead gripping and small hand holding. Us mama’s often need all hands on deck, so this rather marvellous Fiorelli back pack offers me just that. Its also the perfect size, not too big (you know the type where EVERYONE suddenly wants you to hold their crap for them, before you know it you have a bag with 4 phones, 3 wallets and 2 bottles of half drunk drink), this one is perfectly suited to all your essentials for your day out: purse, phone, lippy, wetwipes, sunnies and a small drink, but you don’t feel like you’re carrying around the kitchen sink, which to me is bag perfection personified.

Finally, i updated my old reliable denim jacket with some pink denim to match my snazzy pretty shoes.. and what a delight it is! I’ve never owned pink denim before but this should go with so many things! It’s soft muted tone makes it a really lovely throw on and go item and works so nicely with the monochromatic outfit, adding a little touch of colour.

So there we have it, a day out outfit that is way more fun than jeans and a tee yet just as comfy and practical!

What do you think? Would you wear this for a day out? What is your standard family day out outfit?

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  1. June 26, 2019 / 9:46 pm

    That’s a gorgeous outfit, jumpsuits are also my go-to for days like that, they’re so comfy and easy to style.

    • rachel
      June 28, 2019 / 2:32 pm

      OH excellent Marta, you’re way ahead of me then with jumpsuits for days out… bet you look fabulous in them too!X

  2. June 26, 2019 / 10:27 pm

    Love this! I always opt for jeans for days out too as they are so much easier to be running around soft play in but a jumpsuit is a good shout (and deffo looks so cute!)


    • rachel
      June 28, 2019 / 2:33 pm

      YES I totally know what you mean, it has to be practical doesn’t it?! But i can definitely say the jumpsuit worked as well, if not better for me! Totally worth a shot, plus i bet you’d look fabulous xx

    • rachel
      June 28, 2019 / 2:36 pm

      Thanks Lovely, i don’t think i realized until recently that jumpsuits are so versatile! X

  3. July 7, 2019 / 1:27 pm

    I adore that playsuit, so versatile from day to night just partnered with different accessories

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