Say Hello to the New Studio Ambassador (Me!) #Ad

Well talk about some amazing news to finally share with you all! I’ve had this under my little hat for a wee while , but it’s official, I can now tell you all about this wonderful opportunity and what it means.

Roll back a few months and in popped a rather intriguing email to ask if I would consider being a Brand Ambassador for Studio.. Now, Studio here in the UK is practically a house hold name. Famed for its personalisation service (more on that soon) and catalogue qualities, this brand has been around for 60+ years. When I first found out about the potential collaboration I spoke to friends and family about Studio. Turns out they had all heard/shopped there themselves; from personalised Christmas pressies, to duvet covers and clothes.. everyone had bought something from this brand over the years. I was impressed.. and that was only the beginning.

I was invited to an immersion day with Studio alongside the nine other ‘influencers’ who are also becoming Brand Ambassadors.

*Cue all the anxiety*

But off I trotted to the North of England to find out more about Studio, where it began and where it is going, and to also meet (what I would soon find out to be fabulous) ladies.

Our day started in the gorgeous setting of Stanley House Hotel & Spa where we were greeted and treated lie absolute stars. The people working on behalf of Studio were so kind and immediately out us all at ease.. Speaking of all, the other lovely ambassadors are:

We are a great mix of interior, fashion and parenting. We hope to showcase some great inspiration of the Studio pieces to you, bringing them to life in our own homes and wardrobes. I know i’m excited to start wearing some of the pieces they so kindly gave us on the day (Picture this.. 3 rails of new in clothes and the Studio team saying “Help yourself ladies”! It was like kids in a sweetshop I tell ya, we were all stood there grinning from ear to ear whilst hugging closely to us arms filled with clothes we hopping it wasn’t a mistake and they’d let us leave the building with our treasure trove of clothes and goodies (did I also mentioned the customised goodie bags?! Filled to the brim with Studio items? Mine included pj’s a personalised super soft dressing gown, earrings, a bright yellow bag and so much more!)! Needless to say it wasn’t a mistake and I got home with 3 new gorgeous outfits (and my incredible goodie bag!) straight from the Studio set!

We were treated to teas, coffees and cakes and got cracking with the history of Studio, with its humble beginnings to where its grown and where it’s going!

It was at this point I felt so proud and pleased to be a part of this brand, the people the ethos and the product are all simply wonderful.

With a price point that makes purchasing a pleasure and not a pain, having nice things to wear or in the home is attainable, which is completely what i’m all about.

I now knew working with Studio was going to be a pleasure.

Both the interiors team and Fashion buyers gave such eye opening talks about how a product is born: from the beginning research stages, to fabric sourcing and then working with the manufacturers to create exactly what is designed so that the end product is perfect for the Studio customer.

After a lovely lunch we were transported over to the Studio set where they do all the photography for the website, magazine and catalogue. We were given a tour which gave a huge insight in to how much hard work goes in to each item.
The sets, the models and the items are all so carefully chosen by teams of people who absolutely love what they do and the brand, it was honestly a pleasure to see. (check out my stories to see some of the action from on the day! Its saved on my highlight reel here).

A sneak peak at the ‘New In’ rails for the summer drop and the items that will be featured on This Morning’s fashion segments (you may see a few you recognise as they will be in the fashion segments of the programme very soon!). There was lots of colour and some lovely summery embroidery, tops and shorts with longer lengths. The size range is an excellent 8-26 which once means all are catered for.

Going forward I will be mostly covering style and fashion, but I couldn’t help being blown away by the interior department also. The kitchen and living room set was breathtaking and exquisitely set up.. I would happily have it all in my home.
The kitchen was so on trend it was perfection. With blue walls, open shelves and copper accents I wanted to literally steal it all, even the kitchen sink 😉

Shop the gorgeous kitchenware here

The attention to detail in each set shows how much they care about showcasing the products to their optimum potential, it shows how much they love the product and how much they love the brand too.

Sumptuous Homeware that sadly didn’t fit in my handbag as i would have brought it all home with me if i could have!

So what happens now? Well each month I will be bringing you some fine examples of Studio pieces, as chosen by me and styled by me. I will be showcasing the pieces that I love and why i love them, and hopefully you will too!

One of the main points I learned about studio is how inclusive they are, there is something for everyone. With a customer age from 18-75, a size range of 8-26 and a price point in the market of Primark and Asda they make sure that their customer is catered for and looked after 🙂

Inclusion at its finest!

So here we go, a fabulous journey to take on with a fabulous brand!

*This is an ongoing paid collaborative post with Studio. All clothing choices and items will be my own and all content will be honest as per usual 🙂



  1. May 30, 2019 / 1:47 pm

    Good luck with this new and exciting venture. Rachel. Looks wonderful. Hope it will be fun for you!

  2. May 31, 2019 / 11:03 pm

    It’s so strange seeing photos of myself on your blog. I get to feel like a pretend fashion blogger. It was so nice to meet you after many years of seeing your photos x

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