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Treat yourself – with one of these super simple self-love ideas

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Had a bad day? Perhaps you’ve had to deal with a difficult customer, and you’re a little tried of bending over backwards for your boss all day…or maybe the kids have been a handful and you’re desperate for a break. Whatever kind of day you’ve had, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and making yourself feel a little bit better about it all. I learnt this the hard way, wear i got to breaking point before realising it’s ok to take some time out for you. Its ok to treat yourself too! Now i make sure it’s a regular occurrence.

Believe it or not, you don’t need a long lost relative to gift you millions of pounds or gift all their investments and nest eggs to you – for more information about investments check out this website – all you need is a little time, patience and the ability to switch off! Not always easy, I know!

We’ve come up with 5 super simple self-love activities you can treat yourself to this weekend. But remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed more and more frequently, or you’re struggling to cope – don’t worry. Reach out to a trusted colleague, friend, family member or even your GP and they’ll be more than happy to help and support you. Don’t suffer in silence.

Soak it away

There’s nothing better than a hot, relaxing bath to soak all your troubles away. There isn’t much a long soak can’t help with. So, once the kids have gone to bed, or when you finally get some time to yourself, fill up your bath with your favourite bubble concoction or spoil yourself with some essential oils. Light some candles, add some music if you wish and just enjoy soaking your tired skin. Yu deserve it.

Treat your mind

As humans we’re always wanting to learn new things. And that doesn’t stop as we get older. So, why not treat your mind. Try listening to a podcast on a subject you want to learn more about or stay informed on a certain topic that’s important to you by reading related blogs and articles. Or, read something for fun – an uplifting blog or a site with like minded individuals.

Bake something

Cooking can often be stressful. But baking for yourself is actually quite an indulgent way to take your mind off things and have a really tasty treat for your trouble. Find a recipe that you enjoy or challenge yourself with something new. Delicious!

Take a walk

They say that spending as little as 10 minutes a day in the outdoors is enough to lower your stress levels and reduce your blood pressure. It gives you the chance to clear your mind and enjoy the fresh air and wide open spaces. So, treat yourself to a walk through the park or round a lake. You could take a picnic and make an afternoon of it.


Writing your feelings down, or making a note of your thoughts, dreams, hopes or even what you’re thankful for each day is a simple way to administer some self-love. It gives your mind chance to breathe and it’s a way to express your thoughts and feelings privately. Give it a try. Spoil yourself with some new stationary in the process!

For me, its fresh flowers, a bath with a good read and a nice cup of coffee. Simple things that really soothe the soul.

What helps you in times of need?

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