Hello, Remember me?

To say i feel rusty at this would be an understatement (not only trying to find the words, but actually formatting this thing.. who changed WordPress? I have no clue what i’m doing!). I wanted to pop in and say hello!

I can’t remember where we left off, but last year I went back in to full time employment and have been attempting to juggle at this thing we call life ever since. There’s been some highs, there’s been some lows, there’s been tears and there’s been cuss words. But here I am still alive and kicking!

The past 6 months have felt like a bit of a learning curve for me, one that i continue to learn and adjust to every day, and yes i know i’m probably sounding a tad over dramatic as thousands of women every day do the work-life balance thing perfectly, but when you’re used to working from home, being your own boss and also being at home for your kids all the time, it’s definitely going to take some adjustment.

On the whole i love having a driving force to get up and out each day, I’d lost my way so much working from home that i was getting down in the dumps more and more. It’s funny because people always say, oh I’d love to work from home/not work , but for me the reality was quite different. Loneliness took its toll, repeated housework became a chore i resented and my creativity departed due to lack of inspiration. I needed to get out there, I needed camaraderie and banter.. I’m a people person and having the lack of interaction with other humans left me feeling blue (to the point where i would often just take myself to Tesco shopping to just have some daily interaction!). I had friends who we’d meet every couple of weeks for coffee, and of course i had my family once they got home from their school days/job, but it wasn’t enough.

After a painful few months of job seeking and the dreaded rejection from numerous interviews, i finally got a job offer!

And so that’s where i’ve been! Working, learning, trying to get the work-life balance right . We’ve also had illnesses to work through (nothing serious thankfully but a few bouts of viruses hit us hard this January), broken down cars (the clutch went in my car on my commute home.. it was a miracle i even made it back that night!)and all the other daily chores to still fit in.

But 6 months on.. we’re still all in one piece. We seem to have found a way that is working for us, and *mostly* I’m much happier!

It’s funny, when you remove yourself from so much social media interaction, you start to realise how heavily influenced you are by it. I felt like i didn’t know where my own thoughts began or where if i’d actually just been influenced my social media, it seemed i didn’t even know my own mind any more, from the clothes i bought to the way i wanted to decorate the house, it seemed to be more someone else than actually me!

Having more time away has brought my own likes and dislikes back, and it feels so refreshing to not be the same as everyone else. I now don’t feel bad if i wear the same thing on repeat (stripes will always have my heart, that is definitely a genuine life long love), i wear things and will often not get photos of it as i don’t have time or i’m too shattered come the evening. My instagram usage times has been cut down to a few fleeting moments a day when i may want to just fill a few moments before getting on with another task.

I have to admit it feels very freeing. I have been in the grasps of social media for nearly 10 years, i think i may have grown out of it a little!?!

But on the flip side, i do still like to log on and look, i want to start reading more blogs again (gardening blogs, house renovation blogs and writing blogs would be a great start i think), i do still enjoy elements of Instagram and seeing some lovely ladies on there too, but now i can feel inspired rather than influenced.

And it feels good!




  1. March 26, 2019 / 3:23 pm

    Glad to have you back, Rachel x

  2. Vicky
    March 27, 2019 / 1:06 pm

    Good to see you back!

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