#Xmasdashatfforestfach.. How I bagged all my pressies in one trip (Collab)

So last Sunday I was invited to shop at Fforestfach Retail park in Swansea. Seeing as I hadn’t bought a bean so far (which was making me very twitchy- I normally start in October!) I was very excited to see just how much I could get done in the one location at Fforestfach.

First things first logistics: It is easy to find and the satnav took us straight there. Fforestfach offers free parking for up to 4hours and plenty of shops to keep you amused in that time. I really enjoyed the retail park experience, as opposed to big city shopping, it felt it had an ease and comfort to it that city shopping doesn’t give. I wasnt overwhelmed or caught up in the crowds, it felt local, convenient even. The other thing that struck me was the staff. In each shop the staff were friendly and helpful , greeting customers with ease and offering assistance without being in your face. The people of Fforestfach were lovely I must say.


The all important point when it comes to shopping is of course, are there good shops?

And the answer to that is a big resounding YES!

In Fforestfach you will find:

New Look, H&M, River Island, Boots, Clarks, Homesense which are some of my most favourite shops.

There’s also Card Factory a Costa, Cafe Nero, which was especially nice for the all important coffee break whilst out shopping.

With £200 in hand to get Christmas cracking, I set off with Salvatore to see if we could do a mad dash and get Christmas almost all sewn up in this one trip.

And did we succeed.. Yes, yes we did.

We came home laden with bags after 4 hours successfully shopping and practically everything crossed off our list.

Our first stop was a Homesense

I love Homesense for house goodies , it really is an Aladdin’s cave of goodies for the home. Salvatore and I both saw lots of lovely pieces we’d like to go back for too. But what I didn’t know until Sunday was how great they are for Christmas presents. They had a fab selection of gizmos and gadgets , perfect stocking filler presents for all, children and adults.


As well as the gadgets there was also candles, which in my eyes, always make a terrific gift. I picked up a beautifully scented candle for Neo’s teacher that was a bargain £5.99 and comes in a lovely box too. I know teachers end up with lots of boxes of chocolates this time of year so I hope this may be a nice alternative, but one that also doesn’t break the bank.

I also managed to get a dog toy for our Cassy so she’s not left out on Christmas day! Nobodys left out in our house?

In total we spent £22.95 and I felt like we got lots of little goodies for our money!

We headed in to River Island next.

Here I picked up a gorgeous purse and perfume for my step daughters.

River Island items always look really great quality and make wonderful gifts.

The perfume smells great too. I was also asked if I wanted a gift receipt just in case the recipients wanted to exchange… Perfect for those who may have very particular teens ?

Here we spent £30 on total on two quality items.

Next we headed to Boots.

Now Boots is quite simply a gift emporium this time of year, with their marvellous 3 for 2 offer, I had ear marked a few people to match up with gifts from Boots.

We ended up getting SO much from there that we left with 2 huge sacks of goodies.

All in all we managed to buy presents for my father in law, nieces, son in law, son and step son, step daughter and the mother in law… Yep, we managed to sort all those people in just one place!

The Boots gifts are pretty fab, we got little helicopters, shooting games and well as what you’d come to expect from Boots with the nice smellies sets and makeup.

We ended up with 10 gifts and spent £96 in total on their 3 for 2 deal. We also got the mother in law some eye cream which she had requested as her christmas treat! Clinique were at hand and helpful in getting us sorted quickly and efficiently, which when laden down with lots of bags, was very much appreciated.

We popped next door to Clarks whilst there and eyed up some new shoes for me… they also had some gorgeous bags on sale which i pointed out to the hubby, who very quickkily made a point of reminding me we weren’t shopping for me #fairpoint.

Then it was on to New Look

I was happily surprised with the variety of present options in New Look, there is a section for all here, from clothing for women and men to home things, which were really lovely. They also have a gingerbread man sticker on gifts that are 3 for 2, meaning some real bargains can be had when you’re shopping for multiple people.

Here I picked up a gorgeous snuggly soft dressing gown and a rose gold drinks bottle for the stepdaughter to take to school (the bottle not the dressing gown, lol!). I loved so many of the bags and accessories and they had some gorgeous party pieces in too. Our two items here came to £38.00.

Next we headed to H&M

 We had pretty much covered off all our presents by this point but H&M had such lovely items , i couldn’t help but pick a few things out. Their christmas jumpers were on point as where the sparkly Christmas outfits.

I ended up spending the last few pounds on a burgundy bag which will be for one of the ladies of the family, its fab size for work of a weekend away so could be super versatile and useful. The bag was £17.99 taking me just over the £200 budget by £1.99!

Also loved this beaut of a dress in there , which if you ask me is christmas in a dress!


We finished off with a  much deserved toasty and a coffee in Cafe Nero and some chocolates to finish.

Our #XmasdashatFforestfach had been a success!!

When we got back and i started to look at all our goodies, we had bought 21 items for our £200, which was both productive and extremley reasonable. We’d covered off mums and dads, kids and even the dog!

The #XmasdashatFforestfach had proven to be a huge success and definitely something i will be doing next year too!

FForestfach Retail Park are giving away a £50 voucher each week on their Facebook page to celebrate and help you sort your shopping out, be sure to enter here!

Shopping with the hubby had been a lovely way to spend 4 hours prepping for Christmas together, we came home happy and didn’t even row once in the shops, lol! It seems he would favour this style of shopping over city centre shopping too and agreed that we could do this again (from the man that doesn’t shop- this was definitely a good sign!)

All in all a roaring success i would say.

Thank you Fforestfach Retail Park, we shall most definitely be back!

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