Donating My Hair To Charity

Well hello my lovelies, I just thought i’d pop in and say hi and show off my new hair doo! Yep i’ve cut off my long locks and gone for a fresh new style.

Since starting work in September i was finding my hair was a becoming increasingly hard to style quickly in the mornings, there was also so much of it that i would break hair ties every time i tried to tie it up. It felt heavy and inconvenient and i found i was spending less and less time bothering with it and spending more time resenting it.. I’d grown it for about 18months (ish) and didn’t really know what i was doing with it to be honest. I had really enjoyed it long and back in summer could never even imagine having it short, but fast forward a few weeks and suddenly i had the urge, the urge to cut it all off.

The instigating factor for me was when i found out i had enough hair to donate to Little Princess Trust Charity, a charity that makes wigs for young girls who have suffered hair loss due to cancer. The minimum hair donation about is 7 inches, on measuring mine i realised i could donate.

And so i did

Just over 10″ of hair donated to the charity of such an amazing cause.

Mine will go amongst up to 10 other donations to make just one wig, but to know i’ve helped makes me feel incredibly happy to have cut my hair and given to such an amazing cause.

After all, to me it was just hair, for a young girl it will mean so much more.

So yes, is me, new hair and feeling much better for it too. I can now do my hair in a few minutes each morning which is much, much better! And if you’re wondering how long it was before, this picture will give you a good indication of just before it was cut.

And new specs too, i’m attempting to wear them more over constantly wearing contact lens, it’s taking some doing though as im really not used to them, but i’ll get there 🙂 (Specs are Balmain from Specsavers and i bought them as part of my contact lens scheme.)


So that’s enough about me, how are you?




  1. chezrama
    November 4, 2018 / 4:25 pm

    Rachel ! wow that’s a big step and I am so happy you donate your hair for a great cause ❤

  2. Is This Mutton?
    November 4, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    That’s a fantastic thing to do! The specs look great too. I am also trying to wear glasses more often rather than contact lenses.

  3. November 5, 2018 / 10:26 am

    You look great Rachel, and what a wonderful thing to do. Good on you x

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