Need Some Sleep? Try a Leesa Mattress (Review)

**EDIT** 22nd November 2018

3 months on and we are still in love with this mattress, so much so we went ahead and ordered the Leesa Pillows!

We are now sleeping like kings. No back or neck aches, no restless nights, just pure, divine uninterrupted sleep. I just wanted to pop back to say;

If you’re in the market for mattresses or pillows then be sure you check out Leesa‘s Black Friday deal!



Ahhhh, is there anything nicer than sinking in to a perfectly made bed with a comfy mattress? It’s definitely up there on my ‘Most Favourite things To Do’ list, that’s for sure. But when the mattress isn’t right, well it can become more bothersome than restful.

Lets roll back 2 years. I had decorated (and I use that term loosely, I basically white washed my bedroom and bought some pretty soft furnishings, but we’ll go with decorated) and husband finally agreed, after months of me nagging, that we could get a new bed frame and mattress. I was so happy and when it arrived, hopping to get a lot more pleasant nights sleep.

Now back to today or rather the past few months, the frame is rather gorgeous and still going strong but our spring bed had seemed to have sprung.. coils that is, spring coils. It had been flipped and twisted in hope it would settle these nasty protruding spring, but nope. It was lumpy and quite frankly damn uncomfortable. Both Salvatore and I would wake up with sore necks and backs most mornings, and instead of feeling revitalised from a good nights rest, we felt like our bed was been secretly giving us a wrestle, and won, through the night. Restless and tossing and turning through the night became a thing we expected at nighttime now.

I was gutted. I had spent more money on the frame than the mattress (lesson learned there), but had genuinely hoped I would have had longer than a year out of it.

Then about a month ago a heard a radio station advert for a new type of mattress. It exclaimed that this mattress would basically answer all my night time issues, but I’m never one to believe an advert if i’m totally honest, nevertheless I stored the name of the company in my head for future reference.

A day or so later, by some kind of divine coincidence, I receive the most intriguing email from the very same mattress company.

“We would love to be able to send you a Leesa mattress in return for a completely unbiased review of the Leesa mattress on your blog”.

Unbiased review? Sure I thought. I’m in desperate need of a mattress, lets do this.

Now, it’s worth noting, I am a fussy sleeper with a mind that has a penchant for insomnia. I am the type of person who doesn’t sleep well anywhere other than my bed (I’m not even very good in fancy hotels, but that’s more surroundings than bed, possibly) and I am (un)lucky enough to have the eye-bags to prove it. I am also a total grouch when i’m tired. Sleep is very important to me, and lacking in it makes me plain old grumpy.

Having slept on terrible mattresses for the past 4 years I was not holding out much hope if i’m honest.

On Arrival

So after agreeing to the Leesa and to give a totally honest review, I got to pick out my mattress (Standard Double) and the first thing I noticed is there are not firmness types.. they are all the same firmness which is intriguing.

The arrival of the much anticipated mattress came within a week of ordering and in the most compact box i’d ever seen. Literally a bed in a box. It was hard to believe that a mattress was in-fact in there. After lugging the box upstairs we positioned it on the bed and un-boxed it as per instructions (which were on the top of the box, nice and easy) where, what looked like, a giant slab of foam slowly unfurled and inflated before our eyes (literally in less than 10 seconds). The instructions say to leave the Leesa an hour to fully expand and a few days to fully firm up. We left it there for an hour or two and went off to have dinner. We would be sleeping on it the first night, which is totally fine, but meant it would have to fully expand around us sleeping on it.

The Leesa Mattress

Being a bit of a geek, I wanted to know more about the mattress I was about to sleep on as the slab of foam I had just unwrapped wasn’t convincing me that it was going to be the best.

The mattress is made of up of 3 layers

A cooling layer is on top, followed by contouring in the middle and core support on the bottom.

The 5cm top layer of foam is designed to allow constant air flow throughout the night for a cooler night’s sleep, which through the mad hot weather we’ve been having could be a complete blessing. Then the 5cm memory foam centre provides that signature cloud-like feel to hug you to sleep. And finally, the 15cm foam base allows for a solid, supportive base that helps the Leesa maintain long-lasting stability.

These beds are 100% British made and the boxes they arrive in are recyclable.

The Sleep Result

OK, so on to the all important part… the sleep, because lets face it , you can have all the science contributing factors but it just might not cut it on the sleep front.

I was going to really wring this out but I cant.

Quite simply put, this is is the best mattress I have ever, ever slept on.

I have never slept so well, so soundly for so long. My husband who suffers very bad back pain from years of working on the tools, previously found getting up in the mornings to be extremely painful after a night of laying on our old mattress, now he wakes up feeling no pain and rested, for the first time in years it has alleviated his aches and pains completely.

For me also it is quite simply love. The way I describe it is that it feels like a very supportive cloud gently hugging. A cloud implies softness, which it is, but the Leesa Mattress manages to feel soft yet fully supportive all in one.

The other noteworthy point is that it supports Salvatore and I both in the bed but almost separately, so when he moves at night my side of the bed doesn’t move and vice versa, which means if one of us is having a rough night sleep (for reasons other than the bed of course) we don’t ever disturb each other anymore. I don’t think we realised how much we were actually interrupting each others sleep until we slept on the Leesa Mattress. There were many a night I was awoken when Salv was tossing and turning and i dare say vice versa also, but I never put it down to the mattress (I thought it was the synergy of being a couple for so many years, turns out it wasn’t, ha!).

Our mattress came at that time of the freak summer blaze of a heatwave. Whilst others were bemoaning of lack of sleep due to heat I actually slept soundly the whole time, where previously i would be the one one moaning also, I can only put this down to the cooling layer of the mattress. I look forward to getting in to bed each night, the feeling of the cool yet warm hug this mattress gives you is quite simply incomparable..

I finds myself retreating to me bedroom for a little lie down more often than i care to admit as the sofa just isnt as comfy as my lovely mattress.

I was genuinely trying to think of at least one con to put alongside all the pro’s but I’ve sat here for 5 minutes, asked Salvatore and nothing. We can’t think of one.

And There’s More

I just couldn’t get through the whole post without mentioning a few things I’ve found out about Leesa.

They actually donate 1 mattress to every 10 sold, helping to support charities that tackle homelessness and support victims of human trafficking or domestic abuse. A company with a heart as well as a bottom line goes a long, long way with my ethical standing,

They also plant one tree for every mattress bought and donate hours of Leesa staff time to volunteering in local communities.

Some Final Plus points:

If you live in a restrictive/small space, getting this to your bedroom may be ideal.

Leesa offer a rather fantastic 100 night trial, so if you aren’t satisfied in your 100 days, you can simply return the mattress and get your refund. I’m 99.9% sure you wont be, which is a pretty strong belief, but the offer is a great way to trial, if like me, you are a particularly fussy sleeper.

They offer a range of sizes too, so from small to extra large beds you will find the mattress for you.

I believe they also offer finance, which may be advantageous on a large purchase.

And there we have it. I hope that if you’re in the market for a new mattress this may help somewhat. I wish I’d read this before I bought my original bad mattress 2 years ago. But from now on all our mattresses will be Leesa mattresses. After such a resounding success with their mattress (and by success i mean comfort and sleep) the husband and i are thinking about buying their pillows; if they’re as comfy as their mattresses then we shall be sleeping like kings and queens 🙂

I also have a staggering £100 discount code for you, which will hopefully help you on your way to a fabulous night sleep.

Use Code RACHELTHEHAT at the checkout.

On a sidenote; Neo thought the box was pretty epic too,he played with it for days as apparently it makes the most excellent den,lol! 😀

As you can read from the post, this is a gifted and review item from the company, but as always, i can safely assure you that all thoughts are my own.

EDIT: Leesa are having a November sleep sale

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  1. Rhiannon
    September 16, 2018 / 3:33 pm

    Love this! I always struggle buying a new mattress because I’m always worried I’ll get it wrong ?? Will be looking at Leesa next ?xxx

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