Gift Giving with Boots 50 Days of Christmas

Yes I am going there, I am starting the Christmas talk and I couldn’t be happier! I’m actually starting my Christmas shopping a little late this year (I am normally an October starter) but that just means I get to have more fun now, and boy oh boy am I having fun.

You see, I love Christmas and I absolutely adore gift giving.  Giving someone the perfect gift, in my eyes, is just the most wonderful way of showing them how well you know them, how you care about them and appreciate them. My mind is like a sponge when it comes to people and information, I like to soak them up and remember all the tiny details, it’s just what I do, so when it comes to the season of gifting then I am always armed with a plethora of gifting ideas and options.

This year I’ve teamed up with Boots for the 50 Days of Christmas campaign. They asked me to choose someone special who I would like to give the perfect perfect Christmas Gifts to.

Instantly I knew I wanted to treat my sister.

Not only is she my sister but my best friend too, we speak multiple times a day, she is my confidant, my cheerleader, my inspiration, my sidekick and just general bestie. I count my blessings every day for my big sis (thanks mum and dad, you made a good one there ) and the thought of treating her to a fantastic Christmas gift makes my heart happy.

After years of raising her two gorgeous girls and running a home she decided she wanted a career, a goal, a purpose. So last year she went back in to training and volunteered at a school for an entire year, with no pay, in order to achieve her goal of becoming a Teaching Assistant. She works with children who have difficulties or need extra assistance which can be immensely rewarding but also very challenging. She leaves each day feeling happy but exhausted as her job is both mentally and physically taxing. She then comes home and does the school run, dance class drop offs and pickups, swimming and piano lessons for her girls. The woman basically never stops.

She constantly goes without in order to give to her children and run her household. She recently wanted some new face cream and eye cream but went without so her daughter could have the outfits for her dance performances. As mums its just what we do, but she does it without a moan or a grumble and when she finally does have some spare pennies to treat herself to  something nice, she finds herself holding back as buying for herself just feels alien to her now.

When it came to picking out Christmas gifts for Rhiannon I knew that I wanted them to be

Luxurious- things she just wouldn’t buy herself but would love

Cosy- There’s nothing she loves more than snuggling up at home.

Thankfully with the Boots Christmas Gifts for Her section it made my search infinitely easier, in-fact I was spoilt for choice and ended up with tens of things in my virtual basket for her. There are so many great gift ideas from beauty pieces to gardening and cooking items for foodies. You can search by person you are buying for too, there are categories for Mum, Sister and all the other important ones as well as Teenagers, which I’ll be honest, is a tricky age group to buy for. This gifting sections makes shopping easy, with perfect suggestions for all those lovely people in your life.

I settled on

No 7 Ultimate Gift Set

As soon as I saw this I knew it was the perfect gift. With every lotion and potion you could dream of this will make her so very happy. Rhiannon, like most ladies, often grumbles at her ever-increasing wrinkles (which to me are non-existent of course) she hates her eyebags and mentioned in the summer how she’d love to start a face routine with some good quality creams. This set encompasses it all. Having used No 7 myself I know firsthand how the products are of such excellent quality, I actually recommended No 7 to her when we had the conversation. Being able to give her this brilliant all-encompassing gift set is just the perfect present to set her on her facial treatment way. By this time next year she’ll look 21 I’m sure 😉

Next up were the things that made snuggling up all the better.


Mum, Dad, Rhiannon and I all wear slippers and always have. Our feet are barely bare, as soon as we get home our shoes come off and out slippers go on. So what better way to snuggle up then with the ultimate cosy cute slippers that she can wear every day. Rhiannon and her two girls will love their cuteness too. Cute slippers are an essential, but these are added luxury with their super soft lining and fabulous quality.

Sanctuary Spa Candles

Show me a girl who doesn’t love candles? I am honestly yet to meet one.

And if I can’t take her to the spa let the spa come to her with these gorgeous Sanctuary Spa candles.

Rhiannon loves burning candles, she always has something deliciously scented burning whenever she’s home, and these Sanctuary Spa candles would make the perfect treat to burn and scent the room whilst shes having a gorgeous warm bath, which leads me nicely to:

Joules Bath Fizzers

Another fabulous little add on present that will make her smile. Baths with gorgeous scented fizzers to relax and unwind in after a long hard day at school.

I think she will love having a sumptuous bath, with her candles burning, then getting out and applying all her lovely face creams and lotions and slipping in to her cosy slippers.

All in all I hope I’ve captured the perfect presents for her and I hope my thoughts and reasoning may have inspired you in your present buying too!

Do you put lots of thought in to your gifts or are you a last-minute shopper?

*This is a happy collaborative post with Boots, all thoughts and actions are of course my own and it’s been a wonderful experience to share with you, which I hope will have helped.






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  1. KikiTotoro
    November 9, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    I am in the camp with you Rachel – storing up trivia about people and using it to enjoy finding the perfect gift that shows I know them. ?
    I gave my elder step daughter a 29 day countdown to her 30th birthday so she had 30 presents for her 30th birthday……some were proper treats, others were little things that connected with her that I often sourced from charity shops or eBay – a 1983 Care Bear to celebrate her love of Care Bears when younger, a DVD of her favourite TV show as a child, travel books for the places she has said she wants to visit… took a good couple of months of planning and I absolutely loved doing it – in large part because of the thrill of the hunt for bits & bobs that would suit her! ???

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