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Back in August I was suffering terribly with the dreaded insomnia. I was constantly anxious, I felt overwhelmed and it was making me loose sleep consistently; night after night I would struggle getting off to sleep, or when I did I would toss and turn and wake up lots, which inevitably left me feeling mentally and physically exhausted each day.

Through some kind of divine intervention Utmost Me got in touch to see if I would like to sample their supplement Neuro Rest.

Now I am not one to dabble with sleep aids, I have never even take a sleeping tablet, which may seem silly as I suffer with sleep deprivation regularly, but the thought of taking a pill to counter this just didn’t appeal. I hated the thought of being out of it or groggy in the morning or not being awake if me children needed me in the night.

So before agreeing to Utmost Me I researched what they were about.

Founded in 2016 by a fellow bad sleeper Richard Turnball, extensive research was done in to natural sleep remedies. 

What followed was a product that was created by Doctors, Biochemists and expert Nutritionists, Utmost Me takes a science-first approach to developing natural supplements. Their exclusive Melo-Fruit ® Sleep Cycle Support combination provides Natural Sources of Melatonin which regulates sleep cycles and signals the body that it is time for sleep. 

I felt intrigued by this natural remedy, the reviews were outstanding and at a point where I could not be more tired I decided to give it a go.

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The results were incredible.

I was and still am shocked at how well I’ve been sleeping with Neuro Rest. To out some more perspective here I started my new job in September and found my head was whirling with information, a lot of anxiety of whether I could cope and remember everything and stress of running a household and a full time job. My mind had gone in to overload and come bed time I could not switch off.

I started, as suggested with one tablet each evening half an hour before bedtime, then after a week built it up to two. The first night I don’t recall feeling much better, for me the result came about a week later. I was taking two tablets before bed and during the half hour before I finally hit the hay I could feel my mind calming, like a state of ease had resumed over my thoughts. I could feel myself getting tireder and within that half hour I would be longing for my bed.

The quality of sleep I have been having ever since is quite possibly the best I’ve had in my adult life. This is no exaggeration, I no longer fear sleep as it just comes with such ease.

Not only that but I go to bed and now wake up feeling rested, I awake no longer feeling groggy and tired before i even start the day. I often find i’m waking just before my alarm and feel calm and ready to start my day. My husband will tell you, I was never a morning person, but since Utmost Me I am more alert and happy in the mornings after having such a restful night sleep.

With the curious mind that I have once my bottle of supplements was finished I wondered if now that i’d created good sleep habits whether i’d be ok to go it alone or whether it was a placebo rather than an actual affect.

Within 2 nights I had found my sleepless anxiety had crept back in, i was waking feeling tired and uneasy and my brain was back to its old antics of information overload in the night and fitful nights sleep

I hopped straight back on to the utmost me website and bought the 3 month subscription. This time i’m also going to get the husband to try them too (which i’ll report back with results, as of course, it may be different for everyone).

I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about this supplement and I in-fact highly recommend it if, like me, you feel sleep does not come easy and you have an overactive mind at night.

I am on my second bottle now and feel like a different person most days. I’m clear of mind thanks to the sleep, my bed times aren’t wrought with anxiety and because of this i’m infinitely happier, which to me is worth its weight in gold.

The supplements from Utmost Me have really helped me and will be something I happily continue with, if you’re a sleep deprived person you will know how much it can effect your daily functions , so for me to feel normal and  happy each day has been the most wonderful experience that I really hope to continue. It has shifted my whole outlook on life and made me a better mum and wife too.

And there we have possibly one of the best reviews that could ever be written.

If you struggle with sleep please consider this, I have already recommended it to friends in real life and they too are reaping the rewards of such a great supplement.

Now go get some excellent sleep too!

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*This is a collaborative post, I was sent the Neuro-Rest supplement to try but was under no obligation to post about it. I am sharing today as i really want it to help others. Non of the links are affiliated either, they are purely there to assist you 🙂






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