Adding Personality To Your Work Wardrobe

When it comes to dressing for work, you may find that things can get a little boring. Maybe you work in a corporate office and you need to be quite formal? Or maybe there’s quite a strict dress code on what you can and cannot wear? It’s easy to find this kind of thing oppressive. However, you can definitely look to add a little bit of personality and a touch of your own personal style when it comes to dressing for work. And if you work in the creative industries – lucky you! You will often be able to be a lot more expressive with what you’re going to wear. Either way, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you to make dressing for work all the more fun.


  1. Use Color


First of all, you’re going to want to think about bringing color in. Now, if you do have to be conservative, this may be hard. But you could look for different shades of grey or navy or brown if you really don’t want to wear black all of the time. But, if you have room to play around a little, why not go for colored dresses and suits instead of wearing all of the basic, boring, corporate colors? This is the first and easiest way to add some personality.


  1. Play With Fits, Not Lengths

Now, one thing that you should never really experiment with is lengths. If you need to wear a dress to (or below) the knee, stick to that. But you could play around with the fit and the shape. Maybe you want to wear an A-line dress or a pleated skirt, rather than something tapered and pencil like? Trying out different dress and skirt and trouser shapes and styles is always a great way to have some fun with what you’re wearing.


  1. Accessorize Well

Most of the time, you may find that you can have a little more fun with your work accessories. Sure, some of them may need to be corporate, and that’s okay. But maybe a red back or a cream shoe could give you the difference that you’re looking for? Really try to think about how you can use printed scarfs or belts to jazz up a basic look.


  1. Wear Jewelry


If you are able to wear jewelry for work, then here’s another way to dress up your looks. Maybe you want to go with cute diamond studs and a necklace to match? But keep your piercings conservative. You may be tempted by that online nose ring but this could be more for play and less for work. So try to stick to classic jewelry pieces, but use them as a perfect finishing touch to any look.


  1. Bring Beauty Into The Equation

And then, there’s all your beauty to think about too. Because, if you’re in an industry where you can be relatively free with your makeup, sometimes a lip color can add personality. Sure, you’re at work, so you won’t want to go overboard with your makeup. But sometimes, going for brown shadow or a red lip to be your statement instead of your outfit, is exactly what you need.


What are your favourite ways to keep your work outfits interesting?


*Collaborative post


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  1. October 31, 2018 / 9:58 am

    I’m pretty monochromatic so it’s accessories for me and a change of lipstick xx

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