Incorporating Jewellery in to your Personal look.


Yves Saint Laurent once wisely said, “fashions fade, style is eternal”. Sure, it can be fun to dabble with current trends, it’s always nice to flick through glossy fashion publications, taking note of the similarities between different designers for this season. Yes, it’s enjoyable to watch runway shows and realise that a certain colour scheme reigns supreme across the different collections. Sometimes you may even pick up on these trends in your own wardrobe. However, it’s just as  important to add a touch of your own personal style and flair to any ensemble that you put together.

A simple way to achieve this goal is to accessorise. There are plenty of different ways to do this, but perhaps the most effective is by wearing  gorgeous pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery can be such a personal thing and really reflect your personality. I own quite a few pieces that i wear on constant repeat as they just feel like me.

Here are a few different signature items to consider.

A Diamond Ring


Diamonds are forever. They are a great investment piece that retain their value well and are always in high demand. They are elegant and sophisticated, never losing their allure. What’s more? Their clear colour and clarity ensure that they always match in well with what you’re wearing – they simply can’t clash with anything. Now, there are several different ways to wear diamonds, but perhaps the most popular ways are in diamond rings or diamond earrings. If possible, invest in both, you will never ever regret it. Or if you’re like me put them on your birthday/Christmas list;)

This way you can match items together and add a touch of consistency to your look. You can browse a beautiful range of diamonds at 77 Diamonds  , they even show you the trends through the years and what is on trend now. But lets face it, diamonds are always on trend.


Traditionally, birthstones represent the month of your birth. Every month of the year has been assigned a stone and this stone will never change. I’m looking to invest in one this year of my own (tanzanite) and may have a lovely ring on my birthday wish list :D, you could also incorporate the stones into pendants to add a real flare to an outfit.

Here are the assigned birthstones for each month:

January – garnet
February – amethyst
March – aquamarine
April – diamond
May – emerald
June – alexandrite
July – ruby
August – peridot
September – sapphire
October – opal
November – citrine
December – tanzanite

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are experiencing increasing demand in the marketplace and there are various brands that cater to the market’s needs. Perhaps the most famous are Pandora, Thomas Sabo, and Links of London. Investing in a charm bracelet allows you to add increasing numbers of charms to your bracelet as time goes by, whether you purchase them yourself or they are given as gifts by loved ones. My kids love choosing new charms that represent them or us and i always receive them on my birthday, its become a bit of a tradition that I really love.

This is the perfect way to personalise your jewellery, as all of the links can hold personal meaning and value, letting others see your interests and achievements through a simple glance at your wrist.

These are just a few different ways that I enjoy adding an extra touch to my favourite outfits. These different items of jewellery really do have the power to add a subtle personal touch to any ensemble!]

Do you have favourite pieces of jewellery? I’d love to hear their stories!



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