Escape Room Cardiff Experience

During the summer the family and I planned a lot of lovely days out to keep the kids occupied and perhaps a little fun for the adults too. Trying to entertain everyone can be difficult, especially as the kids ages range from 16 to 8 and can mean they like veryyyy different things.

So when Escape Room Cardiff offered us a game at their location on St Mary’s street Cardiff I asked the family if they’d like to go.

I’ll be honest ,this is something i’d never thought about doing, however after talking to the family, the teen step daughter was especially keen on going, we thought we’d give it a whirl.

If like us, you’d not had the pleasure of an escape room, let me explain the concept:

You are locked in a themed  room for one hour where you have to find  and solve clues in order to escape. The clues are set within in activities such as puzzles, codes and hidden compartments, you must work together as a team to uncover the clues and work out the answers in order to complete the quest and break out of the room, all within the 1 hour time slot.. Sounds fun, right?!

It felt like the old TV programmes we watched when we were young, like Crystal Maze.. I loved that show 🙂

The rooms all have different themes and can range in difficulty, We went for The Tomb as the description explains it is more hands on skill, which we thought would suit all the kids in ages, more so than mental deducing.

There is also Finding Sherlock and The Heist ( Diamond thieves escaping).


They are also in the process of adding 3 new rooms Z (zombie apocalypse) Press Start (Space invaders) and Oculus (search for a serial killer).. Which all sound amazing.


We were all slightly nervous turning up on the day as we’d never experienced anything like this before, being locked in a room wasn’t something i’d ever thought of doing for fun.

When we arrived we sat in a waiting room with other families, who we hoped were equally as nervous as us at the coming prospect. Our belongings were locked into a locker, including phones (hence no photos from inside.. no spoilers here!), so there would be no chance of cheating;) A staff member came out to greet us, who explained the rules of the game and made a few jokes along the way to help settle the pregame nerves. We were told that we are watched at all times and they can hear all we would say, and if needed we could ask for help at any time and a clue would be given on the screen in the room above the door. I must admit, i was glad to hear we wouldn’t be totally left to our own devices and that help was at hand if needed.

We were led into our choice of room, The Tomb, told that the time started as soon as the door closed, asked one last time if we had any questions, then they left and closed the door.

Inside The Tomb, its fairly dark, you are provided with 2 wind up torches, which our boys loved, to light the way. There are small dim lights on the walls and sand on the floor for a fully immersive atmosphere.

As our eyes adjusted to the dim light and strange surroundings we started to take in the artefacts around the room.

We stood there for a brief moment staring at each other, then we sprang into action. My husband organised us into two groups and so went off in our little group to look for clues in different parts of the room.

The clues were really well placed and allowed for everyone to contribute so no-one felt left out. As the game went on and we solved clue after clue, I realised that what I found fun was working with the family. There were no arguments, the kids worked together bouncing ideas off each other, I must admit it was pretty awesome. It took all of us to solve the clues, we each contributed to the final unlocking of the door, even our 8 year old son assisted in the working out of the puzzles. We had the assistance of one clue prompt on the screen after they buzzed to ask if we needed help, at that point we really appreciated the little point in the right direction, but without giving too much away to us.

We managed to escape with 12 minutes to spare. I was shocked!! I honestly wondered if we were even going to be able to get out, but we did it! The hole family were buzzing and we talked about the experience over lunch, reliving our victory. It was such a fun experience we’ve decided to go do another in the next half term holidays. I’m a huge Sherlock fan (movies, TV show and books!) so i’d love to go and try the Sherlock room next, the kids are looking forward to Press Start with a Space invaders theme!

Have you ever tried an escape room?

I would highly recommend Escape Room Cardiff , if you’re over this neck of the woods definitely give it a go. I would say it makes an excellent family activity, but would also work for team building, hen/stag doo’s or a girls(or boys) day out!

Be sure to check out their Instagram too as they have some sneak peaks of rooms and other fun stuff too


With big thanks to Escape Room Cardiff for providing us with a game for review purpose. All views are most definitely my own and we shall certainly be going back soon!




  1. September 19, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Love it!

  2. September 20, 2018 / 11:52 am

    Rally very interesting… one can enjoy it a lot..

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