Work it! 5 Ways to Stylish At The Office

Things are about to change around here for me, you see, I have been on the hunt for a job for about 5 months, and then suddenly, last week the stars aligned and finally, I found a great job that suits me and my family perfectly. I’m going to talk more about the recruitment process and the rollercoaster of emotions another day, as I have A LOT to say on it, plus I hope it may be helpful for some who are going through or will be about to endeavour upon the job hunt and recruitment process. But more on that next week!

Now I have the job its really got me thinking on what the heck am I going to wear? I’m usually a jeans girl as you will know from my instagram, so what now? Where do I start? I’ve worked in relaxed and strict dress code policies previously, so where to begin..

Well, when you go into the office five days a week, staying stylish can be somewhat of a struggle, or retaining a sense of self too. Each day will be an attempt at  balancing appropriate for the weather and the workplace, but also allows you to show off your own sense of style. You need to conform to a strict dress code, but also want to appear confident and feminine. At times, this can sound impossible, but, with these five useful tips, you’ll find it to be much simpler than you could ever imagine.

Don’t Wear Black

Black is an incredibly useful colour, especially when it comes to the workplace. It looks confident, slimming, professional, and can work for anyone and any outfit. That being said, it’s an incredibly overused colour and can make your life incredibly uncomfortable and more than a little boring. With that in mind, you could consider switching things up a little by adding some neutrals, such as camel and cream, navy. This will show off your style and brighten up your office. Don’t be afraid to use colour, it will never work against you when worn correctly.


Avoid Anything (too)Loud

Whilst we all know I love to wear colours and think you should certainly experiment with colour and avoid wearing too many plain outfits, you should also ensure that your attire conforms to the company dress code and isn’t too loud. A bright orange or hot pink jumpsuit, for example, might be a little too much for your office, distracting those around you. Along the same lines, you may also want to refrain from wearing multiple bracelets or earrings that jingle and make noise. You’ll be jangling all across the office and that’s never the most professional.


Fit Is Everything

When discussing work clothes, fit is absolutely everything. Your skirts and pants should be free of any panty lines and hug you in all the right places, yet leave you enough room to breathe and sit down. Your jackets and shirts should be able to be buttoned up comfortably and also allow you to move your arms about freely. There also shouldn’t be any gaps between the buttonholes. Even your glasses should rest nicely on your face and not slide when you look down.


Experiment With Accessories

When your office has a strict dress code that you need to follow, accessories are your very best friend. Whether it’s a fabulous hairstyle or a statement handbag, the right additions to your outfit can leave you feeling confident and beautiful. If you require glasses, you could visit Glasses 2 You and find yourself some amazing new frames. With these small accessories, you will be able to stand out, while still conforming to the rules.


Watch The Details

A truly polished and professional image is all about the little details. A run in your tights really does negatively change your neat and stylish look, making you appear dishevelled and unorganised. It happens to us all, I can’t tell you how many pairs of tights I’ve been through, but keeping a spare pair in your car or bag can be a game changer.

The same thing goes for scuffed shoes, knotted hair, and chipped nail polish. When i worked in the Travel Industry chipped nails was a huge No-no. It was actually in our contract to have tidy hair and nails. To avoid this, manicure your nails regularly, (I do mine in the evenings and use a chip resistant top coat that lasts about 4-5 days),carry a small hairbrush in your bag, and if you wear makeup like me, take a small touch-up makeup bag with you for any touch ups at lunch (or if you get rained on etc)


With all of the rules and codes you have to follow, staying stylish in the office can be quite difficult, and yes, it all depends on your office and the particular dress code. But I hope this makes sense and helps if you’re about to endeavour in to work. 



*Collaborative post, as always thoughts my own. Thanks for reading!X


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