Staying Stylish Whilst Working Out

Ah working out. Oh the fun. Can you tell the sarcasm in my tone? No, well let me tell you. I am not a fitness fan. But i am trying to push myself to workout, in order to feel good and look a bit better.  I am currently jogging 3 times a week with my husband and I have to admit, I’m actually enjoying it.

In truth, image should be pretty low down on the list of priorities while you’re working out. Results don’t come from looking good, but.. it’s only natural that we worry about what you look like while sweating our bums off in front of a room of strangers at a gym or even your husband who’s working out with you(who to be fair has seen me in my worst and best, lol!). Also there are always SO many mirrors at gyms and seeing your reflection during your hour sesh is enough to push any sane woman over the edge.

So here are a few things I’m trying that make me feel a little more in control:


Choose the right makeup

If like me, you still like to wear a little makeup at the gym you need to make sure that your legs are the only things doing the running. Having a stream of mascara sliding down your face will ruin your look completely. Meanwhile, it’s not the type of issue that will go unnoticed. So, choose makeup products that won’t destroy your skin or appearance in the look. Knowing that you can push yourself to the max without a care in the world will aid your performance too.


Wear the right base layer

Before worrying too much about the stylish attire, you need to get the base layer right. After all, this will impact your comfort, performance, and posture in one fell swoop. Freya bras will provide the support needed for a great workout while boosting your figure too. Depending on the exercises you’re going to complete, cycling shorts or lycra garments may be the best option for your bottom half too. If you’re uncomfortable, it shows during your workouts.


Find the perfect footwear

On a similar note, your choice of footwear is absolutely crucial at all times. Your shoes are the first thing anyone notices about any outfit, and this is true for the gym too. While comfort is vital, particularly for cardio, the right colour can bring the outfit to life. You can complement this selection with a water bottle and headphones that match the colour. If you look coordinated, you’ll feel stylish regardless of how red your face turns while pumping iron.

Appreciate your figure


We all have unique bodies that should be celebrated. So, don’t compare yourself to others.. it is the worst thing anyone can do. Wearing clothes that suit your shape is a key ingredient for success in all situations. Before hitting the gym, be sure to find the materials, sizes, and general fits that best suit you. In truth, the choice of brand is probably far less significant than you imagined. If it helps you look great, that’s the only thing that matters.

Focus on your hair

Keeping your hair under control in the gym is primarily an issue of comfort and practicality. After all, you’re going to lose all sense of style if you suddenly find yourself trapped in a machine. Opting for suitable hairstyles in the gym is always a smart move, and tying it up is an easy solution. Hairbands and sweatbands can be used to add a little personality to the outfit too.

If we can stay stylish whilst working out, we can stay stylish anywhere. We’ve got this ladies!!


Do you have any work out necessities?


Thanks for reading this collaborative post ladies:)


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