How to Stay Stylish This Summer On A Budget

The idea that staying stylish requires great cost might just be one of fashion’s greatest myths. Beyond the realms of designer handbags, opulent jewellery and expensive silks, a little creativity goes a long way to creating an eye-catching look. Here are a few ideas for putting together a purse-friendly wardrobe this summer.

Define Your Own Personal Style 

Knowing your own personal style has helped me to shop ‘smart’ and avoid making purchases I’ve later regretted. Before embarking on the stores, think about what type of aesthetic you want to achieve, and keep revisiting that image as you try on each item. Just before heading to the checkout, ask yourself, does this align with my own individual style? If the answer is yes, it’s likely to be a worthwhile investment. 

Utilise Bold Accessories 

One of the simplest ways to enhance an ensemble involves getting imaginative with accessories. Luckily, recent runway trends have seen statement designs balloon in popularity, meaning bold styles can be found across the high street. From vibrant tassel earrings to stone beaded necklaces, these offer an easy way to transform a relatively plain outfit into something ultra-special. 

Prioritise The Little Details 

The great thing about focusing on style at the smaller level is that there’s much more leg room for experimentation. A bold fuchsia coat can sometimes be too much, yet a set of bright pink nails can add vibrancy to an outfit without going overboard. Try weaving your hair into an elegant French braid or sporting a bold plum lip to add volume to your look without breaking the bank. 

Visit Designer Discount Sites 

These savings sites provide a fantastic way to create a capsule collection on a shoestring budget. With some top name designs at low prices, their growing popularity is great news for the piggy bank. Have a look at Secret Sales, a luxury destination selling fashion and beauty products at tiny prices. I love to shop my handbags at discount sites, as it proves to be a bargain, especially when you work out cost per wear.

Organise A Clothes Swap 

Budgets needn’t be boring. The perfect excuse for gathering your friends together (and drinking copious amounts of wine!), clothes swaps aren’t just fun, but also a simple way to refresh your wardrobe without spending a penny. Perhaps you’ve got a dress that doesn’t quite fit, an over-worn skirt or a blouse you’ve gone off. Whatever you share, someone else’s trash will always be another person’s treasure. This is something I want to plan a lot more of, friends.. are you listening? 


Choose Versatile Staples 

Another way to save money is by investing in versatile staples over trending designs. A pair of fluffy sliders might look glamorous by the pool, but are you going to wear them once you’re home to do the supermarket shop( I mean, you might, but you probably wont)? This summer, the classic denim jacket, a pair of chic sandals and an elegant dress can do you no wrong. These can be worn repeatedly and effortlessly jazzed up with bright accessories. 

Staying stylish on a budget during the warmer months is all about getting creative. Think outside the box, explore the net and make the most of your investments. Just ensure to treat yourself every once in a while… 



**A collaborative post, thanks for reading lovelies**


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