Meet Nanna Liv, Creator or Sargossa

I love to support women in business, ladies who have an idea and are out there working hard at their dream inspire me. So when I was introduced recently to Nanna Liv of Sargossa I asked politely if I could interview here for the blog, so I could share her exuberant shoe creations with you and also find out a little more information about her and how she crafted such amazing shoes, which aren’t just pretty but comfortable too.

Now I will be honest, and if you followed along for a while you may have noticed, but along the lines of motherhood and a very casual lifestyle I seem to have shunned the high heel in order for comfort and practicality. I no longer like the idea of my shoes causing me pain and having to endure a day in agony all because of my footwear. It makes me want to throw all heels in the bin  just at the sheer thought of it. I’m a comfort girl at heart, but also, why should i have to for-go the elegance (and not to mention leg lengthening wonders) that heels create.

Enter Sargossa.

From concept to design and production, the amount of thought and attention that has gone in to each shoe is evident, the comfort factor is key, but not at the sacrifice of style.


I asked Nanna Liv what her mindset was behind her creation:

“Why is it okay for a pair of stilettos to leave a woman limping by the end of the evening, just because the shoes are beautiful to look at? Why do we accept this discomfort? Who finds limping out of discomfort sexy? This makes no sense to me!

If this is something you can relate to, then you’re life is about to change. Because rather than accepting all that ‘No pain, no gain’ nonsense, I decided to do something practical about it and dedicated 2.5 year to learn all about feet and shoes, and in 2014 I launched a high fashion shoe company that is like no other; Sargossa.

Now, whatever your lifestyle is, you can wear stylish shoes without having to compromise on comfort.”

Can you tell us a bit about the design process in regards to taking the all important comfort factor in to consideration?

“By spending over two years of extensive research with top foot surgeons and engineers, we obtained a better understanding of the nuances of feet and how to achieve the perfect chemistry between heel height and comfort. All our shoes are crafted on a specially developed last that make sure the stiletto declines at the optimum level; to ease off the front and allow the body weight to be more evenly distributed from heel to toe.

So now our shoes are different as they consist of a super spongy insole (patent pending) to give an enormous amount of comfort at the same time as being designed around a base that is made for a woman’s actual foot shape, interlaced with a delicate design, to show off a catwalk worthy shoe that is made for comfort!”

And what i like to ask all the ladies I meet who are in business:

What advice would you give other ladies about to endeavour upon a new business venture?

As an entrepreneur you shouldn’t expect to know everything from the beginning and you shouldn’t see anything that doesn’t go to plan as a failure but look at it as a lesson learnt, and then adjust your approach for next time differently. That will make you grow as an entrepreneur with great speed, and truly set you apart.

Thanks to Nanna Liv for sharing with us.

Sargossa shoes are available online and are definitely worthy of being an investment shoe; an ivestment in your feet as well as your shoe collection.




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    Love the designs! Thanks for introducing.

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