Summer Plans For The Soul

Its was half term last week, which for me means no school runs, no pack lunch making (honestly, its my most abhorred task, i honestly don’t think there is anything i hate more than making bloomin’ pack lunches!) lazy mornings and days filled with fun and frivolity. Simply put, they are the best days. The stuff of memories. The days you look back on with a sigh and a smile and think, Yep, that was good.

Before you know it it’s back to the humdrum of routine and reality. Rushed school runs, tired evenings and the blasted pack lunches. So after the glimpse of nice weather recently, I’ve decided to put some plans in place for summer to make it a wonderful one. To make some memories to get me through the days that aren’t so marvellous.

Picnic fun

Ok so my first plan is for more picnics. Simple yes (and no the irony isn’t lost on me that a picnic is infact a giant pack lunch, lol! in all honesty i mostly buy prepacked food for my picnics, environmentally friendly it may not be, although we do take our rubbish home, but saves my sanity and always feels like a treat.. im babbling.. i’ll get back to the point in hand now) but so so fun. We recently took neo for a picnic in a huge open field where we played frisbee and football and tag(chase) and spent a few hours just blissfully whiling away the time together. It was cheap, lovely fun and when we left Neo turned to me and said he’d had a such a lovely time could we please do it again soon. Yes was obviously the answer and i plan to do more of this simple fun this summer.

Book a Spa Day

Book a Spa day¬†with my sister and mum. Would you believe we’ve never actually done one of these! I have been longing to have such a treat for a long time but never gotten around to doing it, but with my Groupon emails telling me there are some amazing deals to be had i think this will be the year we actually book. As mums/wives/sisters/workers we all work so incredibly hard, so the thought of a spa day full or r&r sounds blissful/


See a Show

Something we do once every 6 months or so, but i’m currently looking for something to go see this summer. So far the options are Evita in Cardiff or Flashdance in Bristol¬†. I think i’ll let mum decide and make a day of it. We’ve seen so many wonderful shows over the years, it’s something i always look forward to.

Go to the Beach as much as possible

I am a seaside girl through and through and whenever i return to the beach i feel myself again. As a kid we were at the beach every weekend and although i’m sad to not live right next to the sea anymore I try and mske it back there as much as physically possible. My son loves the beach too so its win win all round. I plan to make as many trips as i cant this summer and soak up all the goodness from the seaside vibes.


Go To Longleat Safari Park

My boy is a huge animal lover, being a little vegetarian he is empathetic and caring and loves all living creatures. The husband had the idea of a trip to Longleat Safari Park this summer to show him some of the animals that he may not have had the chance to see before. We’re going to keep it as a surprise and when we turn up i think he will be awe of some of the animals roaming free around the grounds.

So that’s my plans, nothing mind blowing, no bungee jumps or life altering sky dives but simplistic fun that can be achieved. There’s nothing worse than setting goals or making plans to only feel like you achieved none of them once summer is over.

I can’t wait to make some more memories this summer and i’m thoroughly looking forward to doing these things.


What are your plans for the summer?



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