Life Update: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well hello my lovelies, i hope you’re all keeping super well.

I just thought i’d touch back in with you all, see how you’re all doing and have a little chat about life over here.

Its been a funny few weeks here, a kind of limbo phase, an inbetween status, which is making me feel all kinds of out of sorts.

Lots of lovely ladies have messaged me on Insta to ask if i’m ok (which is just so kind!!) and yes i am absolutely ok, just a bit.. floopy. Yep floopy. It’s a word.

So what’s been going on here?

Let me share.

The Good

Its been half term here and i’ve had the best time with my family regardless of the truant sunshine, we managed a day on the beach which resulted in a competitive game of cone-catchy-ball-thing (if you don’t know what i’m talking about look  here and if you do know what i mean, wanna play?? I’m totally addicted, haha) Best pound my mums ever spent.

Me and Rhiannon played and laughed until we collapsed. Needless to the say the kids didn’t get a look in 😀 But it was just pure fun. My God did i ache the next day, playing on the beach is one heck of a work out! I also managed to bruise my right bum cheek from diving for the ball and landing on my generously cushioned derriere. For once i was grateful for eating all the food and providing myself with extra cushioning.. the beach gives you a false sense of security doesn’t it, i swear we were flinging ourselves all over the place just to get this damn ball.. it was brilliant to revert back to being a big kid, even if our kids were well jel of our cone ball skills haha (not really, they were just annoyed as we hogged it!)

Cousins.. Family.. Friends. Makes my heart so happy.

The Bad

Um, well i have been attempting to get a job. Yep, me. I want to go back in to employment. I’ve been very lucky and blogging previously paid a small part time wage for me and i also have Salvatore (the hubs) who works his butt off. But i actually miss the routine, the camaraderie, the secure wage pack each month. I miss having a reason to get dressed each day (other than just for an insta #ootd pic!) I’m lonely at home, and after a few months of feeling this way and chatting to Salv about it, i’ve decided to try and seek out employment once again.

However it’s not proving so easy to get a job that will fit what i can give (part time and close to Neo’s school) I’ve had 2 interviews and went to absolute pieces in each. I literally babbled like a complete buffoon. The one job i passed the interview but they couldn’t offer part time hour contract right now, and the second i didn’t get due to lack of experience in that particular area.

For days i felt like a failure, like i was worthless, that i would never be able to get back in to employment and that i had no use.

But after wallowing for a few days and then listening to a bit of Taylor Swift Shake it off whilst busting out my best dance moves, i’ve realised those jobs were just not meant to be, not for me, not right now.

I’m incredibly lucky that my family isn’t reliant on my wage (although it would really be a big help towards extras like the pesky renovations.. more on that in a mo, or a family holiday that we just can’t stretch to this year) and that maybe at some point the job i am meant for will come my way.

I started to doubt myself, but i honestly know i will be an asset to a company when i get the chance. I’m a hoot! No just kidding, but i do have an excellent set of transferable skills (see that.. that’s cv/interview talk.. I’m already a pro as you can see!) that i hope i will be able to use at some point. My kids are growing up and need me less, so i would like to feel useful again, and it’s either get a job or have another baby.. the latter isn’t on the table.. at all.. just putting that out there. So yes, that’s how it stands at the moment.. put some good job thoughts out there in to the universe for me won’t ya?


The Ugly

Oh my giddy aunt.. Renovations are like some kind of seventh circle of hell aren’t they??! Why did nobody tell me this prior to us ripping out half our kitchen (which incidentally is now sat in my living room.. fun it is not. Getting from one end of the room to the other is like the most annoying obstacle course ever, and there’s not even a prize at the end!). It’s already been going on for two months and i would say we’re only a quarter of the way through. There’s been cupboard issues, huge learning curves with installing the worktops and we haven’t even touched the tiles yet! But i have picked out the paint and all the pretty kitchen accessories, so that was fun. If it’s done by Christmas it will be a miracle. If i haven’t divorced my husband by then it will also be a miracle (seriously.. we are really good at working together, we did for 7 years, but this is really pushing me to my limits and i’m a pretty patient person, its just the kitchen is all up in my face 90% of the flippin’ time where as he gets to jolly off to work each day and leave me with what can only be described as a bomb site.. work in progress is my new mantra.. and breathhhheee).  So yes, what an ugly site its is right now. I hope this will turn in to The Good at some point but for now, its the bane of my existence.

Not my kitchen.. i repeat.. NOT my kicthen, sadly! Just stolen this from my lovely insta buddy Amy who has the house of dreams and gives me total interiors inspo.


So that’s me all caught up, how are you.. what’s The Good, Bad and Ugly for you? Do let me know.. you guys are like my remote work colleagues and this is my equivalent of a sneaky chat by the photocopier.






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  1. June 2, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    Hang in there, my friend! Trust the process and all things eventually start to fall into the place they belong! Your kitchen will get renovated and you will find a job. Chin up and keep moving forward! Small progress is still progress!


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