8 Style Tips on How to Wear Kimono Jackets

When you think of a kimono, you may think of the traditional Japanese garment. These full-length robes reach from the shoulders of the wearer down to their heels. If the occasion is formal, these robes can be fairly tight fitting. However, looser kimonos are also made for less formal occasions.

What we are talking about today, though, is the kimono jacket. These are a more Americanized version of the traditional Japanese garb. They are much lighter – perfect for spring or summer – and fit loosely. They also only go down to your knees or calves and fit like a cardigan, making them much easier to wear with a variety of clothing. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best ways to wear these jackets so that you look fantastic.

  1. Wear a Patterned Kimono

A plain kimono can get boring after a while. However, there are many patterned options out there as well. Don’t be afraid of them. In fact, they can be a new, refreshing take on your outfit and in your closet. They can also allow you to show some personality, choosing a pattern that fits your personality to show off.

  1. Tie Your Kimono Off

When it comes to kimono jackets, we are used to them flowing down to our legs. However, you don’t have to wear them this way. One idea to give a try is to tie your kimono off in the front, right around your waist. This changes up what people expect from a kimono jacket and give you a truly unique look.


  1. Use It as a Bathing Suit Cover Up

When you are at the beach, sometimes you want to cover up a little bit. Of course, they make bathing suit covers for this but sometimes you want to be a little creative as well. This is where a kimono jacket comes in. It offers enough to cover you up a bit but is still flowy and light enough to be the perfect summer accessory.


  1. Pair a Kimono Jacket with a Pair of Bell Bottom Jeans

Are you a fan of the fashion of the 70s? Well, you can achieve the look by pairing a kimono jacket with a pair of bell bottom or flare jeans. If you want even more of a look that harkens back to the 70s, try a kimono with some fringe on the bottom.

  1. Break Up a Monochromatic Outfit with Patterns and Colors

Remember how we said that a patterned kimono can be a unique choice? Well, you can pair that with a monochromatic outfit for a real pop. Take an all-black outfit for example. By itself it can be a little lackluster. However, if you add a pop of color – a kimono jacket with a bright pattern for example – adds contrast.

  1. Make It Casual

To wear a kimono jacket, you don’t necessarily need to have a heightened fashion sense. In fact, one of the best ways to wear a kimono jacket is one of the simplest and most casual as well. Just step up any combination of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt by adding a kimono jacket.


  1. Use Heels to Offset a Long Kimono

Some of the longest kimono jackets can reach your calves or even your ankles. This is beautiful but it can be a bit much – and a tad inconvenient – if your kimono jacket is dragging on the ground. Instead of wearing flats with these longer options, try a pair of heels to give you a little extra height.

  1. Pair It with a Maxi Dress

Another way to wear a kimono jacket is to pair it with a maxi dress. This can offer another way to get a bohemian, 70s-chic look or a modern, flowing look depending on the dress and kimono you choose. Check out these kimono maxi sleeves dresses by GCGme.



Kimono jackets are a great way to spice up almost any look. They can offer a unique, one-of-a-kind flair, a bohemian style, or more depending on how you wear them. The important thing is don’t be afraid to experiment. Kimono jackets are unique and there are many great ways to wear them. So, try them out! These kimono jackets will make a great staple in your wardrobe.


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