Brogues & Buying the right size!

Last week i was talking about the socks and shoes trend {read the post here, there’s some absolutely fab inspo from some lovely ladies!}and how easy it is to try.

So this week i’ve been doing just that. I absolutely love how easy it is and how it adds instant interest to any outfit.

I also finally got around to busting out my new metallic brogues after buying them two weeks prior and leaving them sit in their box. It was only when wearing them around for the day that i unfortunately figured they may be a tad too small. How many times have i bought shoes i’ve fallen in love with but only to find once wearing that they’re too small( The answer to that rhetorical question is sadly too many times). Long gone are the days when my mum used to press down on the fronts to see if she could feel my toe and if they were too small, like i now do with my son. As a grown up you now have to figure this stuff out on your own, which usually means I throw a pair on and go.

As i was walking around that day I soon realised that they weren’t just tight with newness, no, sadly they’re just too small.. sad times for these toes let me tell you.

Have you ever done the same? Bought as pair of shoes and thought they fitted on first try on but to only be left in pain an hour in to their maiden trip out?

After realising that i’ve been doing this for years: buying shoes and then realising they’re too small once i’m wearing them, i looked for a size converter to try and help my future purchases. I did after all buy the size i assumed i was, so maybe now’s the time to actually stop wasting money and looking in to the actual sizing properly.

Its tricky when buying online as, if you’re like me, you tend to just go for the same old size you always buy, but if you’re buying from say a french company (like these brogues are) then its worth looking in to the sizing a little more closely as it really can change from country to country and from brand to brand.

I’ve found this shoe size chart to help us buy the right sizes across the globe and its proven to be very informative and useful!


So from years of wearing the wrong size shoes here are the tips i’ve decided to stick to

Check the Size Chart

Obvious yes, but something i always forget to do, but with the above size chart now, i will be referring to it each time. Also, read the description of the shoes too as it will often tell you how the shoes sizes will run, whether that’s large or small, Taylor Blake for example always write in their description ‘ True to size’ Or runs big etc.., as do Lotus shoes under the ‘Size & Fit tab’. This is always a good place to start before ordering.


Ask Around

With social media enabling us to have a wide audience at our fingertips there will always be someone who already has the shoes you are pondering. I get asked all the time on Instagram if my Vans run true to size (the answer is yes they do if you’re wondering) and i’m always happy to help if people ask. Put it out on twitter, or search the brand on Insta you will soon find someone you can ask, or even message the band themselves. Once you’re safe in the knowledge of the sizes you can then make an informed decision on the size that will be right for you.


Size up rather than down

Obviously spot on is preferable but if its not possible then size up. My step daughter is an awkward 4 and a half which brings her no end of hassle (bless her). But there are options for you if the shoes are slightly too big.

Insoles can work a treat and can come in a number of thicknesses. As well as making the shoe comfy they will also fill the shoe out.

There are even shoe fillers that can sit at the front of the shoe also.

And never underestimate a thick pair of walking socks either.

This way the shoes will still be wearable without crippling your feet and squeezing the life out of them. Granted some shoes need stretching and will ‘give’ but you will know pretty soon if they are too small or just need wearing in.


Try before you commit

And this is what i should have done. Walk around the house in your new shoes for an afternoon before wearing them outside and deeming them nonreturnable. You will soon get a feel for the shoe, whether its tightness from being new and just needing to stretch or if they are painfully to small and need returning. As long as the soles are intact and you’ve worn them carefully with socks around the house (preferably on carpet) you will be able to send back and exchange for the next size up.


It all seems a bit obvious really doesn’t it, but the amount of shoes i’ve discarded because they just aren’t comfy is ridiculous.


And there we have it.. my new shoe buying rules to live by.

Do you use have any tips for shoe shopping?


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