Why its ok to not make resolutions

On the second of January i sat with an empty page, pen poised, all ready and raring to write my New Years resolutions, my goals and my aims for the new year.

And i sat, and stared and nothing. And from there i got frustrated, made myself another cup of coffee and contemplated some more of what i wanted for 2018.

But nothing came. Nothing inspirational, nothing revolutionary, basically a big fat load of nothing.

It could have been a mix of writers block and lack of motivation, christmas had made me very lethargic and a wee bit lazy, but the next day when i attempted ‘The List’ once again, i still drew a big fat nothing. I started to feel frustrated and annoyed at myself, aimless and nothing to pursue, which to be honest, made me feel rather crappy. The first few days of January started with me feeling stressed that i didn’t have any big plans, whilst others were laying down lists of actions with a 5 point plan to achieve their goals.

For so many the New Year represents new beginnings, a fresh start and the chance to make things right or to work towards something. But for some those resolutions don’t always have to start on January 1st.

There seems to be an overwhelming majority motion to make a fresh start of things and to set some goals, but for me it just wasn’t working.

The year i started my weight loss journey (2013 i believe) I didn’t start on January 1st, i actually started it in April time as that’s when i was mentally ready to take the task on. I started my blog in June 2011 with my internal voice telling me (and my sister nagging me) it was right the time to start. For me January is often a month of me battling winter blues and other internalised issues, it just doesn’t seem like my call to action time.. And d’you know what, that’s OK!

Maybe my motivation is in hibernation, maybe its the Spring that sees me come to life. But i just wanted to put this out there that it’s ok to not have goals in place at the turn of the year. Its ok to just bumble along, sometimes no great plan is needed. Sometimes reaching for the stars can actually wait until you’re good and ready.

There is no harm in standing still and enjoying where you are for a while. With all the motivational quotes flying around its hard to not get sucked in to the need of constantly striving towards something bigger, better or more of whatever.

So if you’re like me, and not sure what you want for 2018, don’t beat yourself up (like i did for 3 whole days, my poor sister had multiple messages from me wailing that i was useless and led a pointless existence, i kid you not.. drama is my speciality 😉 And she did the sisterly thing of metaphorically shaking me and telling me to get a grip haha! Thanks Rhi), You’re doing fine just the way you are! And if something is going to happen, whether that be a new job, new course, loose weight, whatever it is, it will happen when you are good and ready.

Learning to be happy in yourself in this moment is just as important as aiming for goals.

So no more beating yourself up (i’m talking to myself there, haha!)

And if you are a goal setter and getter then i truly wish you all the best!

Much Love

Rachel x



  1. Gill
    January 11, 2018 / 9:25 am

    Everyone works in different ways. I feel the only way I stick to goals is to really, really want to. That means I need to set the right goals at the right time. This year, for me, 1st Jan was the right time. I had thought and planned in December about what I wanted to achieve, so by January I was ready.

    This year I’m getting married, I’m also turning 40 so having big plans for a big year just seems to fit. I’m focused and ready, but not everyone is and that’s OK (as you rightly said).

    I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2018 whatever you want to achieve (or not).

  2. January 11, 2018 / 10:10 am

    I’m not making any until February at the earliest! For me January is the worst month of the year to take on a new challenge because I really struggle with my mood (January Blues get me every year!). I’m going in for a pressure free New Year instead ?

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