Winter Warmth Essentials

Ok i will warn you now, this is (obviously) not a high fashion post.. im talking cosy toes and all things warm and practical!

Low temperatures mean it is time to get cosy! I actually love this time of year when it gets super chilly and you need to bring out all the, scarves and hats, the warm boots and big thick coats. When i open the curtains and see a clear day with frost adorning the ground my heart is happy. I know.. i may possibly be mad, but there is nothing i love more than walking Cassy on a cold crisp morning.
On those lovely cold dry mornings I walk Neo to his bus stop (with Cassy of course) and we get all bundled up in our hats and big coats and gloves. We play don’t step on the cracks and we chat as we walk. Its just one of my favourite things to do.
And I’ll be honest, fashion goes out the window for me on those morning walks. Its all about the cosiest of coats and the warmest of toes.
I’ve teamed up with OD’s Designer Clothing to bring you the very warmest of clothing (and still rather lovely too!)

The Practical & Warm Coat

Oh yes.. the first thing i pull out of storage when it gets cold is my warmest jacket.
I will always say invest in a good winter coat. I invested in my red one (above) two years ago and its still going strong. These here are all going to keep you warm for years to come. I love the Blue  and the red (which is by the brand Parajumpers) for standing out.

Add a layer

Sometimes if i’m hoping from car to shop and then home again i love to throw a layer on but nothing to restrictive (bizarrely i hate wearing a big coat when i’m in the car, i feel constricted and get too hot).  A long waistcoat or a throw/poncho is ideal for short trips, these are both Rhino & Pelle and would work perfectly for that extra layer.

Pretty Knitwear (of course)

Oh knitwear, each year i buy too much, but i can’t help myself, its such a long winter i feel like lots of knitwear is needed.

Having pretty knitwear obviously helps too. I am  going to invest in a couple of special pieces this year and make sure i get the wear out of them. I think a new slogan jumper and maybe something pretty like the Ted Baker below, dress it up or down and it will be a great little workhorse of a piece.

Cosy Toes 

Love them or hate them Ugg’s really do keep your toes the warmest of the warm. I have 3 pairs and come winter i will be living in them. I wear them around the house, if i go out and wear shoes i will often put my Uggs in the car to change back in to as soon as i can, and i love them to walk the dog in (not advisable in the rain however). Yes they are the marmite in the shoe community but sometimes practicality and warmth prevails, and these are by far the warmest shoes i’ve ever donned. And extremely comfy too. Tell me, do you love them or hate them?

Are you a cold weather enthusiast like me? 

What are you Cosy essentials this time of year?

Much Love

This post is a happily Collaborated post, thanks for supporting RTH and the brands who work with me 🙂

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