What to Wear to an Interview

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Did you know, just after Christmas is the time when people start to look for new jobs.. I guess it’s the whole new year new start thing, plus the down time over the festive period gets us thinking about what we are doing and if we want to be doing something else.

First comes the job searches, then comes the interviews

Some may not think employers are judging you on your wardrobe, but quite often the way you dress and compose yourself can suggest a lot about you.

Its one of the questions I’ve been most asked (In real life) over the years:

What do i wear to an interview?

So here are a few tips that will make you appear organised and professional and potentially increase your chances of getting that new dream job.

Match the formality

It’s always worth knowing the dress code beforehand. If an employer doesn’t specify it in an email, ring them up and ask or do a little research. You don’t want to under-dress as this could suggest you’re not serious enough about wanting the job – if an employer suggest casual clothing, dress smart-casual just in case. Think cardigans and smart skirts but don’t go overboard and wear black boardroom attire. Overdressing is possible in some jobs, particularly those in a creative field or working with children. You may come across to conservative and not friendly or upbeat enough for the role.

Wear a watch

Watches are a great accessory to wear to an interview. They suggest good time management, making you appear more organised (you may be terrible at time management, but a watch will suggest otherwise, so long as you’re not late to the interview?). You don’t have to fork out on a designer watch – there are plenty of cheap wristwatches that do the job. So long as it’s not scuffed up or damaged, it will help your image.

Shine those shoes

Did you know, many employers still look out for shiny shoes. Why? Taking the time to polish your shoes beforehand shows that you’ve taken time to prepare and not just slipped on the first pair of shoes you can find before going out the door. Employers like an applicant that has spent time preparing for the interview as it shows a passion to get that job. Ironing clothes and putting on make-up similarly shows that you’re a forward planner.

Bring a brolly

You don’t want to turn up to your interview looking like a drowned rat because you didn’t prepare for the rain. An umbrella is a great tool for showing that you’re organised and that you plan for disasters. Hats may similarly be able to stop wind from blowing your hair around. Just make sure that they’re not the type of hat that leaves you with hat hair which is never a good look frankly (a bit of volume mousses can work wonders).

Avoid overly distracting clothing

It’s okay to have bold statement piece. In fact, a brightly coloured item of clothing or a piece of jewellery or patterned cardigan may make you more memorable as a candidate and is a great way to show a bit of your personality through your clothing. However, avoid overly complicated clothing choices that could stop an employer from being able to concentrate on what you’re saying or take you seriously. You want to be seen and heard and not to distract them from your qualities with something that is possibly inappropriate (hello mini skirt/bodycon dress.. perhaps just keep those for another occasion) I would say, avoid slogans, faux leather and faux fur and sportswear.. just as a guideline ?

All in all, just try to be the best version of yourself. Think of what you would want to see from a person who is going for the job and don’t forget to smile (which i actually once did forget to do.. instead i hyperventilated in a board room.. yeh.. i’ve had my fair share of bad interviews too)

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    Perfect timing for me as I have an interview on Tue. Thanks Rachel xo

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