Three Holy Grail Fashion Fail-safes To Make Your Own


The only sure fire thing in fashion is that trends will change. Be it spots, stripes, or sequins the very nature of the beast is that what’s in style this season will almost certainly be out next season. And with Instagram and other social platforms aggressively driving micro-trends, such as that must-have studded Zara mini, keeping up can be exhausting.

Sometimes it feels like a return to basics is just what’s needed. Fast fashion has its place, but with more of us increasingly concerned about the morally dubious ethical landscape around cheap clothing manufacturing, there’s a lot more focus on investing in better-made pieces that can be worn and styled in hundreds of different combinations over time.

It’s better for the planet, it’s better for our wallets in the long-run and it’s certainly better for our nerves after being bombarded with ‘must-have’ new items from every angle. But what are those holy grail pieces that will prove a love-forever addition to the wardrobe of any woman, whatever her personal style? Here are just three of the best:

A Dash of Denim

Originally a low-status workwear staple in the Western US for working men, we’re all well aware of denim’s evolution over the years into the fabric of choice – not just for leisure, but increasingly in workplaces too. Denim never goes out of fashion, mostly thanks to the vast variety of ways it can be worn. Got a meeting? Pair a check blazer with some indigo skinnies and silky blouse. Brunch with friends? A ripped pair of boyfriends with an oversized knit will do the trick. But don’t forget how useful it can be up top. Denim Jackets mih has a beautiful selection of modern takes on the piece that pair with everything from palazzo pants to a little black dress. Denim has the ability to spike the formality of other pieces perfectly.

Failsafe Blazer

A structured black blazer is also a truly versatile winner that can carry you through the years with ease. In the opposite capacity to a denim jacket, this can bring structure and a smartened-up vibe to even the most casual of outfits. Easy to thrown on and work with anything from a roll neck to a slinky camisole, the appeal of this little beauty will never fade. Brands like All Saints have tailoring down pat, and really understand how to structure beautiful, could-be-designer outerwear.

Bring on the Breton

The Breton stripe top is a garment that can be worn by literally everyone from Joan Jett to Coco Chanel via the Duchess of Cambridge – and whoever your personal style icon is, it’s a safe bet that they’ve been pictured in one. Again, the beauty of them lies in how easily they can be made to chime with your personal style – whether that’s ripped denim cut-offs and gladiator sandals or a tailored suit. There is almost no occasion where the Breton top would be a style mistake. Play the print down or clash it with a jolt of leopard for a modern twist. Petit Bateau makes the best, but H&M usually have a great selection on the high street.

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  1. November 25, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    I have loads of Breton T's and I think H&M are rocking it right now. I have a wish list that's so long! xx

    • December 3, 2017 / 4:52 pm

      spot on, with those basics you can go anywhere and do anything

  2. December 5, 2017 / 6:43 am

    Thank you for sharing! Gonna buy a blazer.

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