Cosy Knitwear and Comfy Jeans

Happy 1st November lovelies!
It has finally dropped temps here in Wales meaning i am completely drawn to knitwear like a moth to a flame.
My shopping habits with Knitwear haven’t always been healthy as i have been known to have one to many flings with one to many knits. I have been a knitwear hussy.
I have given so many jumpers and cardigans away to charity and theres still a load in my loft as i usually bore very very easily of them. I’m not entirely sure why?.
But after my month long shopping ban was lifted and the temperatures dropped around the same time, i knew it would be wise to buy a couple of new jumpers, and it would have to be something i loved for me to not have just a one night stand with it. So shopping i went. And jumpers i found. One being this one today.. and i’m pleased to say, it is most definitely knitwear love.

Here’s todays outfit in full

The Coat

The coat is possibly one of my favourite (Top 3 at least) and is from La Redoute earlier this year, think it was back in January or February when i honestly thought i wasn’t going to get much wear out of it that side of Spring. Turns out i did and it also turns out i’m still besotted with it 6 months on. My husband is not a big fan (in his words, “It does nothing for you” .. What does he know right?!) but that kind of makes me love it all the more. This coat is a slouchy relaxed style that makes it sublimely comfortable and accommodates chunky knitwear easily underneath it without making me feel like the circulation to my arms is being cut off. Its also like a giant cuddle. Whats not to love right? Its also a divine emerald green colour.

This year they have one in pine green that looks lovely and comfy too: Check that new version out 


The Sweater

So knowing that i’ve previously been a knitwear hussy i took to my shopping with a more sensible head and took in to consideration what i needed and only picked up things i love love loved.

This sweater by Next was on my lust list since September. When #NoSpendOctober was in affect it was still on my mind and on the odd occasion i went in to next (for research purposes) i saw this hanging there and still really wanted it. Four weeks on i still loved it and therefore thought it would make sense to buy it, as the fact i still wanted it and it wasn’t a passing whim, was a very good sign indeed.

And i have to say, i love it, i really do.  You know me, give me a stripe and i’m a happy girl, so blocks of colour in these glorious shades was definitely a winner for me.

I love that it has multiple colours as it means i will be able to remix it well with other trousers and jeans, and this of course, makes me super happy.

I also feel nice when i wear it, which doesn’t happen often with knitwear., but this makes me smile.

The funnel neck is also flattering too and i love that it is comfy, i find high neck/turtle neck/ roll necks a little restricting sometimes, but this is just right.

-Shop the jumper here-

 The Jeans

The jeans are also a new purchase after my no spend month. I soon realised that i didn’t like a great deal of my jeans. With a bit (ok a lot) of weight gain over the past 6 months and the sudden dislike on my behalf of super skinny jeans, i knew i wanted something comfy and looser fitting as i honestly find the skinny style just doesn’t suit my pear shape anymore.

-These Grey Straight leg jeans- again from next, grabbed my attention as i was flitting past them one day. They were the only pair on the rail and they were in my size. They looked like a nice loose fit and they were a great light grey.. I picked them up and was shocked at how soft the denim was, it felt like they had been worn the perfect amount to make them in to those perfect jeans that are like old friends.

Needless to say they came home me and i’ve barely wanted to remove them from my legs.

Hello new favourite jeans!!

 Finishing Touches

I finished the look with my trusty comfy Gucci dupe loafers which were such a great buy as i wear them allll the time. My -tassel earrings- are from zalando and bring a nice berry colour to the look.

The bag is my Michael Kors, which after a year of not using, i’ve fallen back in love with and can’t stop using it. Its just the perfect size for throwing no end of stuff in to.

And -the belt-, well another Gucci inspired High street take on their famous GG belt, which i’m quite happy to take the dupe of.

 And there we have it. Outfit of comfy loveliness that i will no doubt be wearing on repeat!

Are you a knitwear floozy like i was? Or do you always get a lot of wear out of whatever knitwear you buy?


  1. November 1, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    What a fantastic sweater! I love the colors and that coat is such a classic beauty!

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