#NoSpendOctober Over Halfway

A couple of weeks a go I published a post Not keeping Up with the Instajones’: Stopping the constant buying and it seemed to resonate with, well, quite a lot of ladies.
I was happy to find out i wasn’t alone on this but sad to find out that actually so very many of us constantly feel the need to keep up, keep shopping and making those purchases week after week, leaving many items unworn and unloved.
Women are renowned for only wearing a small percentage of the clothes they hold in their wardrobe, but with social media constantly showing us new pretty goods, the temptation to shop gets too much and we end up falling in to the habit of buy, buy, buy.
After talking about this to some ladies on Insta we formed our #NoSpendOctober group and hashtag and have not shopped for the month of October so far.
Now for those of you who have been around these parts with me for some time you’ll know i’ve previously taken it upon myself to do exercises like this before, with two lots of #100daynospend (not consecutively i might add) and a whole year with a seasonal capsule wardrobe I know how it feels to not shop, to limit myself and to walk away from the beautiful dress thats just begging to come with you.
But the reason for me doing it this time was slightly different, as mentioned in my the previous post, i don’t want to have to feel the need to keep buying the latest instagram trends all the time. I don’t want to feel like i’m not as good as so and so if i don’t have X in my wardrobe. And just to clarify, no one is making me feel like this apart from me. It was also a case of showing that i don’t always have money or the need to justify new clothes every week. I have plenty of things i love and need to get the wear out of them.

And so here we are half way through, and as much as its not been super difficult (we’ve had lots on in the house with decorating and things) I would be lying if i said i don’t want to shop.
The non shopping has made me evaluate what i have and what i dont have, what i need vs what i want, and that’s certainly a good thing.
I’ve mentioned before, but i am an emotional shopper, and that goes for any emotion; Happy, i shop with glee, sad or feeling down, i shop to cheer myself up, proud or elated, i shop congratulatory to myself… you get the point.
As always though, tis been good to get some wear out of what i already own and take enjoyment in the fact that i have not spent a penny so far this month on clothes.

In total there are approximately 80-100 wonderful ladies doing #NoSpendOctober and they are all doing a mighty fine job too.
It has been an absolute pleasure to see so many ladies from so many different walks of life come together to support and encourage each other. Its also lovely to see how many of us are so like minded with our shopping habits and to not feel bad or alone in this.
And even if there have been some hiccups along the way, then we are just getting straight back on the no spend wagon with no judgement, just encouragement. Sometimes the justification of buying X makes complete sense, why would you walk away from something that you have longed for and is now half off… that would just be lunacy ?.
This month is just about creating better spending habits going forward, less knee jerk purchases and more thoughtful spending. Its about working with what you have and adding in what you need, but obviously the occasional special item is ok too as, after all, you only live once ?

I’ve created a link up below for all those wanting to add your instagram links so we can all go around and see each other and follow if you so wish.
Please add your link below (its super easy to do, click the blue add link button and instructions are given, or gimme a message and i can add you!)

But thank you ladies, you are all amazing.

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  1. October 19, 2017 / 6:17 am

    Sounds like you're doing well Rachel. I was debating joining in, maybe another time. I need the stress relief this month! X

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