Life Hacks: How To Make Your Diamond Ring Sparkle

wouldn’t dream of putting on the same outfit day after day without
washing it, yet it rarely enters our minds to consider cleaning our

we wear on our hands, like diamond rings, are especially vulnerable
to picking up dirt and grime as time goes on. Solitaire diamonds, for
example, are often worn as engagement rings every day, so are
worryingly even more likely to get grubby and lose their shine.

essential to clean diamond rings properly to avoid damage and keep
this valuable piece of jewellery in its best condition for as long as
possible. So, how do you spruce up your diamond ring and restore its
shop-bought shine?

Where to start

to focus on the back of the ring setting and not just the stone when
cleaning. The ring’s setting is the section that sits on your
finger, and as you can imagine, collects the most grime. Not only
does this make the entire ring look dirty after time, but the setting
can also cause skin irritation if left.

Different ways to clean your diamond ring


begin, you need to use the right equipment to make sure you don’t
cause any damage. The best thing for cleaning a diamond is a cheap,
soft bristled toothbrush — similar to one you might buy for a child
to use. The bristles will allow you to properly clean around all
diamond facets and types of settings, while not harming the shine of
the stone.

Baking soda

baking soda is an answer to many cleaning problems for diamond
solitaire rings
that you can pick up at the
supermarket. When combined with water to form a thick paste, it
becomes an effective cleaning solution for the stone and metal
settings. Just remember to rinse the ring with warm water to remove
any residue after you’re finished.


Yes, there’s another handy purpose for alcohol. A strong, clear,
grain-based alcohol — like vodka or gin — is a fast and effective
solution for cleaning diamonds. The science behind it is that the
high level of ethanol is a natural solvent that will chemically
remove any stray dirt on the surface of the diamond or trapped inside
the setting of the ring.

Soap and water

you want something even simpler to clean your diamond ring in a
hurry, how about soap and water? Any household soap, including hand
soap or washing up liquid, will do. As with other cleaning jobs,
leaving the jewellery to soak is preferable, because this helps to
loosen solidified particles in hard-to-reach areas.

Professional cleaning

again, you can always cut out the work and get your diamond ring
professionally cleaned by a jeweller. This is arguably the best and
most thorough method of cleaning diamond solitaire rings, and a
decent jeweller will also check the diamond’s settings, as well as
use an ultrasonic system to clean it. An ultrasonic system is a
specialised tank filled with liquid. The jewellery is submersed and
high-frequency sound waves are used to disturb and remove tiny dirt
particles from almost unreachable parts of the jewellery. Some
jewellery companies, like AC Silver, offer free services that will
make sure your ring stays sparkling, too.

you have a few tips here to get your diamond ring back to its
gleaming best. Make sure you stay clear of bleach or any corrosive
solution. These can damage your precious diamond and its metal
setting — and it could be irreversible.

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