Come Shop With Me: Skirts

With #NoSpendOctober in full swing (more on that in Wednesdays post) I have been wearing all things that i already own (obvs) and with no new items in the old wardrobe it has given me fresh eyes to see what i may be lacking in, what my wardrobe needs and what i don’t need any more of.

One of those things is skirts. I don’t have many at all and yet they are game changers when it comes to remixing. My problem is that i love buying dresses, but really a dress can only be remixed a couple of ways, and yes that all fine and good to keep wearing them the same two ways but being able to remix something multiple ways usually means I will get more wear out of it because, well, that to me is useful!

So skirt window shopping i went. Now i am super super fussy when it comes to skirts, hence why i don’t have many. I usually find shops to be lacking in anything majorly gorgeous in the skirt department and there’s never many i love enough for me to want to buy it.

Well guess what.. Skirts just got more interesting! Skirts seem to be in abundance this season and d’you know what there are some mighty fine options out there ladies!

Here are my findings and favourites:

 {Print Pleated Skirt}Next

I started with Next as their gorgeous window display drew me in. Inside there shop was split in to pinks and greys(which were lovely) and autunmal reds rusts and  greys. 

These two (above and below) had me swooning as soon as i walked through those doors. 

The pleated skirt is quite a thick density of fabric which makes the pleats fairly rigid and fall well, but at the same time it was very comfy and hung perfectly as a skirt should.

Below was the skirt that made me swoon BIG time. The fabric is a soft satin type finish that glides and doesn’t cling, the colour is a soft rust and the flow of the skirt is beautiful. It was swishy, And therefore my swishy loving heart feels this could be true love. It worked perfectly well with my boots and the black fine knit that i was wearing, but i think with a breton, a blazer and shoes or even an orange sweater, a denim shirt or a big cable knit cardigan this could prove to be an incredible asset to your wardrobe!

 {Tan Maxi Skirt}Next

A little bit of fun with some black lace and netting, i love that this can be dressed up or down and even though its a bit of mesh/tulle it could easily be worn in day or night time and it was very comfy.

{Black Mesh Skirt}Next

Khaki A line

This was a gorgeous khaki a line skirt, i like the idea of this for smart day time but also really nice for weekend wear too

I then headed to M&S and, once again, i was spoiled for choice! 

So the pleated midi velvet skirt is just the most wonderful fabric; stretchy, thick, and vibrant.

The skirt comes in red, gold or navy and i literally could not decide which was my favourite.

Again, these would work so well for so many occasions, dress them up, dress them down add some stripes or add some sparkle, trainers or boots they just work so very well.

But what colour would you go for??

For me the red is just christmas and festive season personified. The gold is so cheerful and daring yet will work with many things, but my head says navy is the most practical. I love how it would work with lots i already own.

{M&S Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt in Red, Navy or Gold}

M&S Floral Chiffon Midi

 I didn’t think i’d like this, but picked it up in the name of interest, it turned out to be really really nice on, it skims and flatters and adds a fun bit of interest. The print is pretty and is an item that does all the talking for you, enabling you to keep everything else pretty simple.

{ M&S Flared lace midi skirt}

This was again something a little different as its not a shape i go for as a hippy pear shaped lady, but it was lovely on. Fitted at the waist and really lady like. I think i a bit to fancy for my day to day but if you’re looking for something for office to bar this could be perfect.

{M&S Collection Checked Mini}

And lastly another favourite, just because it fits like a glove. I tend to steer clear of minis these days, opting more for the midis as i find them more wearable (read: not gonna flash my pants) but there was something so gorgeous about this one, something so comfy with its thick fabric and flattering length that made me just love it. But its a statement piece that can’t be remixed a whole lot of ways, but still, sometimes that’s just what the heart wants.

Other note worthy skirts from M&S that i loved the look of but weren’t in my size

Leopard Print A line

Scarf Print Ruffle

 Collection Ruffle Midi

Tiered Mesh & Pearl layered Midi

So there we have it, a plethora of divine skirts. 
Are you a skirt fan? Do you own many and enjoy wearing them?
Do you like any of these beauties? 


  1. October 16, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I'm totally in love with that first skirt! That really is a fantastic one!

  2. Anonymous
    October 16, 2017 / 8:55 pm

    Each skirt is prettier than the other. I especially like the velvet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. October 17, 2017 / 7:28 am

    These skirts look so cute. I also don't have many skirts, uhm… maybe I have only one skirts.
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  4. October 17, 2017 / 9:02 am

    A fun post! I always struggle to find skirts that "feel" right on me, as trousers are my sartorial soulmates, but there are some beauties here, particularly the fluid tan Next skirt. I might just give skirts another shot!

  5. October 17, 2017 / 10:23 am

    I have lots of skirts – I tend to buy mainly skirts and dresses and hardly have/buy tops at all, preferring to let either the skirt or a dress do the the talking. My favourite is the mini at the end – I think you should definitely treat yourself once November rolls around and I think it would be versatile too.

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