Trench Coats: A Must Have For Every Woman

You may think the title is a bold statement but its something i truly believe.
A trench coat really is one of those pieces that really works pretty much all year around (well in the UK it does). It can be a light jacket when needed or work well with layered knitwear.
Whenever anyone asks me what coat they should have in the wardrobe my first thought is always, always a trench coat. It is a simple but necessary item.

Not only does it work trans-seasonally but also with a multitude of outfits.
Dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and smart, casual, business or pleasure, a trusty trench coat just works.
I’ve had a trench coat in one way shape or form for as many years as i care to remember. I upgraded about 18 months ago and i would definitely say that like bags and shoes a tench coat like from Aquascutum is high worth investing in.

I love how a trench makes me feel instantly put together. It gives an air of french chic, even if i lack any other grace that goes with that tag, a trench does make you appear it even if you aren’t ?
Perfect for throwing on for the school run, or out for an evening., i honestly wouldn’t be without mine.

There is definitely a shape, fit and colour for everyone of a every age. I like a long neutral beige- cream, i find for me this fits my frame well and works well with dresses and the colour works with everything. A good friend of mine feels like a flasher in a long line trench (lols) and therefore opts for a hip length shorter trench to wear more with jeans and sweaters and my mum prefers a navy option finding the lighter colours not working with her silver hair.

Do you have a Trench Coat and is it something you invest in?

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  1. September 18, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    Years ago I wanted to save up for a real Burberry! Now I know that the colour looks awful on me!????

  2. September 19, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    Yup, I swear by a trench too. Mine is indigo and fitted so it's actually more like a frock coat which I think is more flattering on my frame. I've also been eyeing up a bottle-green one for some time which may just find itself nestling in my shopping cart. Love your pink/green colour-way, by the way x

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