Four day Hair (Styles for when you want to go longer between washes)

I’ve been desperately trying to wash my hair less. I dye my hair every 7 ish weeks to rid myself of the ever impending grey and to give myself a much nicer all over colour rather than my mousy brown.
But what i’ve noticed is the fade in that time can be worsened when i wash it a lot and also i was using the totally wrong kind of shampoo (it was acidic and incidentally stripping my hair, my hairdresser has since told me not to use it!). I want to try and keep hold of my brown glossy locks for as long as possible after my hairdresser puts so much tlc in to my hair, so I am trying to wash it less and care for it a bit more.
I’m aiming to wash it every 4-5 days and keep it tidy throughout. I’m also trying to heat it just once after washing and not keep putting heated tools on my hair. This way the heat styling is kept to a minimum and hopefully limiting damage.

First up. Get to know your hair and what products it responds to, Capital Hair and Beauty is a one stop shop for all hair and beauty with everything you may need. Use with products that work with you not against you. Lord knows i have tried A LOT of products over the years and some just make my hair greasier or frizzier.

These are the products I’m currently using:

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo & Conditioner
Lee Stafford Argan Oil and Spray Wax
Batiste Dry Shampoo

For me, I find, when i curl my hair, especially as its curled away from my face, it gets greasy a lot less quickly meaning longer between washes.  So here we have it days 1 to 4 of my locks.

Day One Hair

Day one sees my hair washed and squeaky clean. I’ve started to let my hair naturally air dry to save blasting it with the hairdryer. I then scrunch in a little texturising spray all over and let it settle in its own natural way. My hair is a little wavy so i go for the beach, tousled vibe on day one. I know a lot of people prefer a more ‘done’ look but for me, I love an undone relaxed style so this is perfect for day one.

Day 2 Hair

 Day two sees me apply some heat. I use my Tresemme Large barrel wand and create large loose waves. This is perfect for looking more ‘done’ and i tend to do this on days i’m going out or taking blog photos. I spray this with a considerable amount of hairspray or setting spray to make sure its well set to last the day. At night time i tie this back loosely at the nape of my neck with a non marking hair tie.

Day 3 Hair

Its definitely starting to get greasy at the roots on day three so first i apply some Dry shampoo all over the roots and leave it for about 5 minutes to absorb some of those oils. I then take to it with a brush and brush out the white powder. I also flip the hair over from the original centre parting and create a side parting, i find this gives a little more volume and shows less greasy roots too. The curl that was created yesterday now leaves a rather lovely relaxed wave. 

Sometimes i’ll also pin one side back with some grips to make more of a feature.

Day 4

Day four and last knocking on the hair front. Its time for a top knot/bun. I always like mine to be loose and messy with a few strands hanging down. Some ladies like a tight neat bun which also works perfectly on dirty hair days, but i’m all about he volume. The messy bun keeps it out of my face on the last day before hair wash day.

And that’s it!

How long do you go between hair washes? 

Do you style it differently to get as many days as possible out of your wash



  1. September 25, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    You have lovely hair! My hair is short so I can only go 2 days between washes. It's highlighted so I'm careful about the products I use.

  2. September 29, 2017 / 10:19 am

    Two at the most as I run 4-5 times a week. Sometimes I end up washing my hair in the evening post-run and then again the following morning post-run. Argh. I can't not though, I hate sweaty messy hair! Still, there are some good ideas here for the days I can actually last between washes, thanks for the post.

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