Decorating & Home Changes

The husband and I have been trying to lay some plans down. Big life plans that will possibly span the next 5-10 years. Its fair to say we’ve had some rubbish hands dealt to us over the years and aren’t where we would like to be property wise, job wise etc. However, we are getting to grips with where we are and what we want to achieve.
I’ll be honest and say we find it hard saving in this day in age. With 3 children ( one 14, one 11 and one 7) always means that any expendable cash we may have very quickly goes on their needs and wants.
But we are taking it upon ourselves to save save save any penny or a pound we can in order to better our lives.

The plan is to extend our teeny tiny house to make an open plan kitchen diner and a much needed utility room.
This excites me a lot a lot. We’re not quite there yet but we have a goal and will keep working towards it. Ultimately the goal is to own this house out right, rent it out and then buy another home, something bigger and in a location where we would want our forever home to be, and with the help of agents like Featherstone Leigh East Sheen we should hopefully find the dream house,

But in the mean time we are making some updates with decor and necessities.
The teen wanted to update her box room from blue
Window openers were needed as her window is old and uneasy to open so we updated those first with Rocburn. Then we took down her old bunk bed  and got to painting.
She is a budding interior designer in the making and is currently looking up small space designs.

We are now on to the hall stairs and landing.
No longer just a through space this area is the first part of our home people see when you open the door. Ours so quickly becomes inundated with coats (mostly mine.. i have a terrible thing for coats) and shoes, umbrellas and childrens backpacks and dog leads and doggie coats.
Storage is going to be key. Hiding all this stuff but having it on hand is going to be important.
And character. I want to inject some character as this is the first space (all be it small space) you see when you enter the house.
Here are the ideas i’ve pinned on my Pintrest Home Board

I love the idea of a bold colour, green would fit our general house a bit more than the lovely vivid blue but the idea of a key focal wall at the top of the stairs i think could work well.
Frames, photos and prints also adorning the walls fills it with character, which i love! My husband paints amazing pictures so i would like to hang some of them. Mirrors also bounce the light around in a small area so shall be looking for some gorgeous mirror to centre our wall.

Lighting is going to take a lot of consideration as the top of our hallway (the landing) has no natural light and is very dark. I love the idea of a lamp on a small corner table, which i think even our small space we could accommodate.
The main lights on pendants will need to give off a lot of light to illuminate the area so the shades will have to be clear or fairly open.

 And finally storage.
I am a mad book lover and read books at a rate of knots, so to have this ledge shelf across the stair case would work as excellent storage for me and my books, but i also think it looks rather fantastic.
Shoe storage is also key. Mine i transport upstairs and store in my under-bed storage (its like a magical shoe haven under there i swear;) but the kids and the husbands are all in the hallway. Having a unit to pop their shoes in would be perfection. Hiding away unsightly shoes, giving them a home so the kids know where to put them when they come in would mean no shoes sprawled across the hallway.
My understairs storage leaves much to be desired. It is literally a dumping ground and I’m almost scared to venture in there (i think the spiders may have taken command in there..eeek!). The idea of assigned storage under there just makes sense. Separate shelves and smaller cupboards like below is such a brilliant idea. And the stair boxes is a great way to make sure things go back to their designated spots in rooms. I do this already (well i plonk all the stuff on the stairs and take it up as i go) so to have pretty little boxes is a brilliant idea of making pretty of housework.

Do you have any good hallway decorating tips? I am all ears as i could do with any help you may be able to offer!
Are you taking on any house renovations this season? Autumn seems a good time to get things underway for me, all in time for a snuggly winter indoors.

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