#BodyPositivity Why I’ve chosen to not conform and ‘Summer Diet’ for the Perfect Body

So every year rolls around, and on social media you see ladies hitting the gym/workout dvds and gobbling up salad and smoothies in order to become lean mean summer machines for when that sunshine arrives and we inevitably have to expose more flesh.

I’ve done it every year, April/May rolls around and i realise, i’ve eaten my way through winter like a hungry hungry hippo.
This winter i put on 10 lbs. What started as a couple of pounds after birthday and Christmas proceeded in to a few more come my anniversary and then resulted in 10 whole big ones by May.
The lack of exercise hasn’t helped my cause much, and being a fair weather walker means i limited myself.
As i started to get out some of the skimpier pieces from last summer i felt the dread come over me,
“How am i going to expose flesh”
“My thunder thighs will look horrendous”
“Bingo wings are never fashionable”
and so on and so on.
I sat there on the edge of my bed having just weighed myself, and sat amongst my summer clothes basically feeling like shit.
I wrote off wearing shorts completely, deeming my legs too disgusting to get out in public. I was this close to donning a full burka all summer long.

Why though?
Social media was yelling that Summer is coming, hit the gym now to be in your best shape yet!
Adverts are filled with slogans like

“Get Summer Body Ready”

I even had emails offering reviews for coffee drinks to loose weight to be bikini ready.

Seriously though.. what the eff?
Why can’t i just accept who I am.
Yes i may be 10 lbs heavier than last summer, but does it really matter on the greater scheme of things?
Am i less of a person because i’m heavier? (Actually no, there’s more of me so if anything i’m more of a person, lol!)
I’m happy, i’m extremely healthy (Hi I’m Rachel and I’m a vegan in case you didn’t know!) and i walk most days with my dogs).

This year i donned a bikini for the first tie in 8 years. Im not in ‘peak physical shape’ but
I’m Happy.

Cant we just embrace our bodies just the way they are? Yes my mum tum is ever present, no i don’t have a thigh gap, but on the greater scheme of things, does it really matter?
Bodies of all shapes and sizes are what makes this world a glorious place filled with diversity, my god, it would be so boring if we all looked exactly the same.

I’m choosing to not deprive myself this year, forcing my body in to ‘diet mode’ just seems wrong.
I’m choosing not to compare myself to gym bunnies with six packs and rock hard thighs, as that is their choice (and good for them too!!) not mine. That doesn’t make me less of a person, uglier or generally not as nice.

I’m choosing to love this body just the way it is, belly rolls, curvy thighs and all.

Of course if you want to loose weight, do it because you feel your body needs it, not becasue you want to be summer ready or because the media implies we should look a certain way.
I lost 3 stone 4 years ago because i was heavier than my frame and height should be. I was overweight and uncomfortable, sluggish and lethargic. I lost the weight for me and nobody else, so i know how it feels to not like how you look. I still struggle daily but I’m learning to love how i am.

I hope you’ll join me in ditching the mindset of how we should look and just love how you do look.
Over the years SO many ladies have said to me when out shopping,
“Oh I’m going to size down in that as i’m going to loose weight and i want it to fit me then” or “I’m keeping this because i plan to fit in it by xxx”

This is just constantly reiterating to yourself that your body isn’t currently worthy, like this magnificent thing that carries you day in day out isn’t good at all and that you strongly dislike it.
All you are creating is more negativity for yourself.

So please, learn to love yourself just as you are, not how you think you should be, or plan to be.
Just be you, this you, here and now.

Choose happiness and your

 body and mind will thank you for it.


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